Michael J. Fox Foundation Funds Junk Science: 6 Monkeys Tortured to Death Inside UF for Profit

Negotiation is Over - Florida

stereotactic halo used on 6 macaques inside uf

stereotactic halo used on 6 macaques inside uf

The Michael J. Fox foundation wholly funded a study in which six macaque monkeys were bought, imprisoned, and tortured inside the University of Florida, allegedly in the pursuit of a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. It is interesting to note, however, that in the Protocol (i.e., the business plan that governs how the torture will be funded), the principle investigator, vivisector Ronald Mandel, states that the alleged “research” is considered so scientifically invalid and useless that it “has lead to large grants being rejected from other groups…” Apparently without doing much research themselves, however, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, provided the money to the vivisectors to determine if a drug called doxycycline will penetrate the blood/brain barrier in primates. Vivisector Mandel goes a little further to confirm that this is an exercise in lucrative junk science when he states that “there is no therapeutic reason to give dox to humans!”

These facts may account for some of the reason why the University of Florida has been less than anxious to make this information public and why Eleventh Hour for Animals has repeatedly had to sue them over the past four years to compel full disclosure of their crimes. And against this back drop of admitted junk science, for which they cannot get funding elsewhere, and which has absolutely no therapeutic application for humans whatsoever, the Michael J. Fox Foundation wrote UF a blank check to go find and torture six innocent macaques. According to the plan, they would be turned into drug addicts by repeatedly being given ever-increasing doses of ketamine and other tranquilizing agents, they would be poisoned with doxycycline, they would have a sterotactic ring affixed to their little skulls, a virus cocktail would be injected into their brains, they would live with brain damage, injuries, and in torment, and, eventually, all six would be murdered before their eighth birthdays.

Mannheimer Foundation/Haman Ranch

All six macaques were born at the Mannheimer Foundation, a concentration camp in south Florida. Haman Ranch, located in Lavelle, is a breeding colony where monkeys and baboons are born for the sole purpose of contracting diseases, being poisoned, or sold for miscellaneous torture regimens in the dungeons of other mercenary vivisectors like UF.

All six monkeys were sold to UF on March 2, 2011 before their sixth birthdays.

For more information about Haman or for a convenient map and contact information for the facility, please visit Primate Freedom.

a monkey inside uf endures a routine molestation before the real torture even begins

a monkey inside uf endures a routine molestation before the real torture even begins

The Monkeys Lives of Torment, Blood, and Death

Monkey 5c126

Suffering soul, monkey 5C126, has lived a life of daily fear and pain. He was murdered on August 1, 2013 in the UF dungeons by having his chest opened, the abdominal aorta cut and bleeding to death. Vivisectors call this “humane euthanasia” The poor little guy was part of ANOTHER of 100s of Parkinson’s disease studies where decades of previous information could have been used instead of 5C126. Same kind of study; injecting the brains of more innocent being with different viruses and genes to try to stop the disease. And somehow this and another baby ended up with measles along with all the other torture they suffered. UF didn’t name the types of viruses used in the brain injection, all we know is that it was combination of them.

5C126 weighed about 14 pounds, and was 6 yrs old when he was chosen as a victim for UF sadists…about the same age as a first grader. He arrived with a less than healthy brain from almost a year of low red blood cell counts caused by the concentration camp that was drawing his blood to sell since his birth in their caged colony. (brain damage possible from low blood count depending on cause). After UF had dosed him and his colony mates with doxycycline “treats” their tormentors would take blood from all of them for looking for levels that would signal time to move on to paralyzing and life threatening procedure taking spinal fluid from the. They must have all been terrified each time they saw a tech come for their blood!

Monkey 5C126 didn’t care for the drugged pellets very much and was found eating the plastic from one of his toys- likely out of hunger. How the study continued once they found one of the victims wasn’t consuming the amount needed, seems at least unethical. The next step was to pull fluid from each of their spines. Findings might indicate this “needing” to be done several times as the sadist looked for the perfect time to drill holes in their skulls and inject a cocktail of viruses into their brains!

For more information about 5C126, please visit Empty All Cages.

caged victims inside uf wonder when someone will come free them

caged victims inside uf wonder when someone will come free them

Monkey 5c131

Monkey 5c131 was found to have a rare intestinal parasite called entamoeba hartmanni before he was even sold to UF. Yet, his vet records indicate that he was alert and responsive on the day he arrived in UF’s dungeons on a bright Spring day in 2011. A month after his arrival, lab nazis notice that he has bruises and red spots on his abdomen. The following month they notice that he is beginning to have bald spots. Alopecia in lab monkeys is normally a sign of self-mutilation (hair-pulling) as the animal’s mental state deteriorates or the hair loss is caused by stress. His alopecia only worsened over the months and was eventually attributed to hair-pulling as he was driven increasingly insane. These are not cheerful, happy, monkeys. They eventually took his only stimulation, some plastic balls, away from him after they were found chewed up in his tiny cage.

In December 2013, Eleventh Hour for Animals filed a federal complaint citing “systemic incompetence and a culture of negligence” inside UF’s vivisection labs. And, in addition to all the horror visited upon him, poor little 5c131 fell victim to this obscene culture of negligence. First, he escaped his cage in a sad attempt to escape his tormentors, but he was unceremoniously thrown back into his cell and the bars locked. They injure his tail at one point catching it in the squeeze cage when they extract him. Then they observe he and his cellmate, Monkey 5c126, fighting and document serious injuries and lacerations. They were never separated. But if that’s not enough…


No one even knew he was missing. They found him the next morning locked in a tunnel.

On August 1, 2013, in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in their business plan, little 5c131 was murdered, his blood was drained from his battered body, and his brain was extracted from his skull.

vivisectors proudly display their victim's broken tooth

vivisectors proudly display their victim’s broken tooth


From that bright sunny afternoon on March 2, 2011 when he was enslaved in the dungeon, like all the others, he began being turned into a drug addict with ketamine and tranquilizers every single time they extracted him from his squeeze cage. Vivisectors want the public to think about their crimes in sterile, innocuous terms. The reality, however, is that each time a blood-money mercenary approaches their cage, they shiver in terror and fight their tormentor with every ounce of strength in their little bodies. Little 5c89 was no different. He was brutalized, terrified, and for him there was no escape.

Within a month of his arrival, they were already reporting low food consumption. The vet is then repeatedly notified month after month because he is not eating much or nothing at all. He rarely eats his poison (i.e., doxycycline).

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to digest when we’re analyzing these records is the utter despair in which these innocent nonhuman primates exist. In February 2013, 5c89 escaped from his cell. He too was caught and returned to his prison cell. He has broken teeth and lacerations, but no explanation is offered nor any concern expressed for his injuries.

Contrary to the “federal guidelines” which vivisectors like to pretend ensures some kind of “humane” torture, there are months and months where this macaque simply languished with no oversight and no veterinary care. When his medical records resume, he is reported to have a swollen abdomen and face. Months before he was murdered, he is seizing and his arm and head is twitching. The brain damage was successful!

most holocaust victims inside uf don't ever even get a name, only a number tattooed into their flesh

most holocaust victims inside uf don’t ever even get a name, only a number tattooed into their flesh


Sometimes the fact that these monkeys were not even afforded the dignity of being given a name is extraordinarily disturbing in itself. But little 5C451 was reported to have a heart murmer, facial lesions, and irritation for his entire stay in UF’s dungeon. At one point, they notice puncture wounds and lacerations from fighting with his cellmate. Clearly, the stress of their confinement is affecting them emotionally. His wounds were treated and he was put back in the cage with “the aggressor” as any incompetent bungling vivisector would probably choose to do.

It must have come as a shock to them when 5C451 was once again found with injuries sustained from being attacked in his cage. This time he was intubated and required surgery to mend his wounds.

There are months where this monkey does not appear to have received any care or supervision whatsoever. We hope they remembered to feed him and clean his cell, but we can report nothing definitively because there are months at a time where his charts are blank.

On June 27, 2013, 5C451’s miserable life ended when he was murdered inside UF’s labs and his blood drained. His little body was unceremoniously incinerated. In addition to failing to record any care for months at a time, the University of Florida has also chosen to remain in contempt of several court orders and, as of the publishing of this article, is withholding the necropsy reports for all six monkeys that were tortured to death in this study.

As this case appears to be an “emergency euthanasia” for which they failed to make any provisions, UF must believe that charges for violating court orders are less damaging to them than disclosing the actual details of their sickening, abhorrent crimes against the animals.

We hope the Michael J. Fox Foundation will be discouraged from any further association with UF when our legal actions and the details of the culture of incompetence begin to leak into the mainstream media next week.

the mutilated testicle of a nonhuman primate inside uf

the mutilated testicle of a nonhuman primate inside uf


Sadly, but quite consistent with the culture of corruption inside UF in which the culture of incompetence in their dungeons is nestled, the veterinary records for little 5C150 are incomplete. There are months with no cared recorded. Other records are simply absent. It would seem that if there was any scientific validity to their “research,” that they would be anxious to get the details out to the public. Oh sorry, I forgot… this is an exercise in junk science that has no “therapeutic” application for humans and for which they couldn’t even get funding until the Michael J. Fox Foundation stepped in to fill their bloody coffers!

Monkey 5C150 was allegedly bright and alert when he arrived at UF. Later on he is noted to be lethargic and depressed. He immediately began a routine of being drugged, dragged from his cage, molested, thrown back in his cage to recover, and having the same torment visited on him day after day and month after month throughout his incarceration on death row. Eventually, he too lost his appetite and they were having considerable difficulty feeding him his poison-laced food. He ate the rubber finger off his tormentor’s rubber glove one day along with his drugs. Unfortunately, his terrorist’s finger was not injured.

This monkey was caged with 5C89. He escaped his prison in a desperate attempt to find freedom, but his captors returned him “without incident.” Throughout his stay in UF’s dungeon, he was subjected to gratuitous surgical mutilations, injected with chemicals, he had hair loss from stress, had wounds that were “seeping serious fluid,” was found with blood in his cell, reported for herpes, had lesions and injuries to different parts of his body, including his testicles, and then he was executed and the blood drained from his tortured little body.


 This monkey’s entire file is still being withheld. Please draw your own conclusion!


Federal complaints will be forthcoming for several monkeys in this study over the next several weeks. Possible legal actions may follow for certain documents the University of Florida has still withheld in noncompliance with court orders. And protests and educational actions will be ongoing across Florida and cyber actions will be undertaken by our global supporters across the globe.

Animal Liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits.

Until the monkeys are free…


9 Responses

  1. Collaud says:

    ALF !!!!!

  2. I am sickened by the sadistic pseudo-science that is being conducted at the University of Florida. The horrific experiments being done are not only heinously cruel, but they have nothing to do with finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. These misguided, heartless so-called researchers are simply groping in the dark. The only way to learn about Parkinson’s or any other human disease is to do epidemiological, genetic, and clinical studies on the HUMANS who have it.

    Shame on our backward, un-evolved fellow humans who are engaged in meaningless studies that involve the torture and killing of sentient creatures. They should be prosecuted for these crimes. One day, if we don’t destroy our planet completely, people will look back at these times in disbelief and horror.

    • Eleventh Hour says:

      Thank you so much for your support, Rina. I hope you will follow this site or our pages on Facebook over the next few days especially. We are going to have a lot of information and actions that we need our community to participate in and share.

      We are determined to put an end to these crimes against animals. And, together, we will do it!

  3. Annoula Wylderich says:

    A disgusting, barbaric display of torture upon helpless beings for the sake of obtaining funding. That is what animal experimentation is largely about. I hope this “research” is exposed for what it truly is.

  4. Linda says:

    This is TORTURE to our family members! junk science too !
    THIS must be stopped! In the name a Michael J. FOX !

  5. Doris Mastellone says:

    This is animal abuse at it’s worst.
    Testing animals are pointless, as they are not transferible to other species.
    It is cruel beyond words and it needs to end.
    This is morally wrong and it should be legally wrong as well!

  6. Thank you all for your continued support. I share your outrage.

    The business of torturing monkeys to death inside the University of Florida is an atrocity, but just like the treatment of Jews and others in Nazi Germany or of African-American slaves in the antebellum south, it is all legal.

    UF had been allowed to continue plying their bloody trade in peace and anonymity until we arrived and said NO MORE!

    Please join our protests in Gainesville if you can, or join our simultaneous cyber actions online. And keep sharing this information widely.

    Together, we will shut them down.

    Until the monkeys are free…

  7. Krissoula says:

    My heart breaks, I had to remind myself to breathe just reading through the article. I saw some of these types of beyond DISTURBINGLY CRUEL results of experiments taking place on a TV program a few years back, just can’t recall which one. I cried my eyes out, & was feeling extremely messed up over it!!! Testing on animals really is nothing but JUNK SCIENCE & is so morally wrong!!! I would like for a steady chorus of POWERFUL VOICES to AGGRESSIVELY pursue the so called need for INHUMANE testing on any & all animals…be BANNED NOW!!! I believe the FRANKENSTEIN scientists who ARE involved in this line of HORROR, operating under the guise of science, are very SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHIC MONSTERS. They need to carry out their GRUESOME experiments on each other…a WISHFUL result would be…driving themselves INSANE!!! How can we even stand for this to go on another minute longer??? I’m OUTRAGED & would like to see meaningful JUSTICE for the BRUTAL TORTURE & MURDER of those poor monkeys!!! Michael J. Fox is a Canadian, as am I. I look at him in a different & dim sort of light now:-( YES, until the monkeys are FREE…everyone of them!!!!!!!

  8. Krissoula says:

    And until the ATROCITY & DARKNESS of ANIMAL CRUELTY is wiped right out!!!!!!!

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