9 comments on “Michael J. Fox Foundation Funds Junk Science: 6 Monkeys Tortured to Death Inside UF for Profit

  1. I am sickened by the sadistic pseudo-science that is being conducted at the University of Florida. The horrific experiments being done are not only heinously cruel, but they have nothing to do with finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. These misguided, heartless so-called researchers are simply groping in the dark. The only way to learn about Parkinson’s or any other human disease is to do epidemiological, genetic, and clinical studies on the HUMANS who have it.

    Shame on our backward, un-evolved fellow humans who are engaged in meaningless studies that involve the torture and killing of sentient creatures. They should be prosecuted for these crimes. One day, if we don’t destroy our planet completely, people will look back at these times in disbelief and horror.

    • Thank you so much for your support, Rina. I hope you will follow this site or our pages on Facebook over the next few days especially. We are going to have a lot of information and actions that we need our community to participate in and share.

      We are determined to put an end to these crimes against animals. And, together, we will do it!

  2. A disgusting, barbaric display of torture upon helpless beings for the sake of obtaining funding. That is what animal experimentation is largely about. I hope this “research” is exposed for what it truly is.

  3. This is animal abuse at it’s worst.
    Testing animals are pointless, as they are not transferible to other species.
    It is cruel beyond words and it needs to end.
    This is morally wrong and it should be legally wrong as well!

  4. Thank you all for your continued support. I share your outrage.

    The business of torturing monkeys to death inside the University of Florida is an atrocity, but just like the treatment of Jews and others in Nazi Germany or of African-American slaves in the antebellum south, it is all legal.

    UF had been allowed to continue plying their bloody trade in peace and anonymity until we arrived and said NO MORE!

    Please join our protests in Gainesville if you can, or join our simultaneous cyber actions online. And keep sharing this information widely.

    Together, we will shut them down.

    Until the monkeys are free…

  5. My heart breaks, I had to remind myself to breathe just reading through the article. I saw some of these types of beyond DISTURBINGLY CRUEL results of experiments taking place on a TV program a few years back, just can’t recall which one. I cried my eyes out, & was feeling extremely messed up over it!!! Testing on animals really is nothing but JUNK SCIENCE & is so morally wrong!!! I would like for a steady chorus of POWERFUL VOICES to AGGRESSIVELY pursue the so called need for INHUMANE testing on any & all animals…be BANNED NOW!!! I believe the FRANKENSTEIN scientists who ARE involved in this line of HORROR, operating under the guise of science, are very SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHIC MONSTERS. They need to carry out their GRUESOME experiments on each other…a WISHFUL result would be…driving themselves INSANE!!! How can we even stand for this to go on another minute longer??? I’m OUTRAGED & would like to see meaningful JUSTICE for the BRUTAL TORTURE & MURDER of those poor monkeys!!! Michael J. Fox is a Canadian, as am I. I look at him in a different & dim sort of light now:-( YES, until the monkeys are FREE…everyone of them!!!!!!!

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