Meet UF Dog-Murdering Degenerate Thomas J. Conlon

Negotiation is Over - Florida


Thomas J. Conlon
Office Phone: (352) 273-6661

Home Address

conlon 9705 sw 81st9705 SW 81ST Way
Gainesville, FL 32608

Isn’t this a lovely $201,000 home bought with the blood & torment of his victims?!

The unconscionable and horrific atrocities that Vivisector Conlon visits upon his enslaved canine victims inside the University of Florida will be published shortly. For now, here’s a glowing curriculum vitae of his career as a professional white coat terrorist!

“Thomas is a Research Assistant.. and Co-PI [directing the hands-on torture of dogs for profit in] project..”

He has experience handling dogs including various injection routes, force feeding them chemicals and other poisons, siphoning their blood, gratuitously mutilating them in surgery, murdering them, and performing necropsy.

Other credentials include “rodent handling, restraint & injection techniques, and [gratuitous & sadistic] surgery techniques.”

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