7 comments on “Meet the Vivisectors Who Sew Cats’ Mouths Shut & Put Cement in their Noses

    • yes, the purpose of it is solely to explore their sadism and get rich doing it

      and the protocol says something about studying “swallow” reflexes, but do we really care???

  1. This is just plain sick and the People that do it should be the ones that are being tested in this way.Cats are the most loving animals in the world and would do all they can to save your life and you treat them like this.Think of your Children if you have any and what if this happened to them.People that know no difference say animals are just animals and I will tell you that GOD put them here for us to love and take care of just as our Children.They hurt just like we do.People who get a rush in torture in time will not be a person I would nor would I want to trust !!!!

  2. 140 animals? 140 cats? They basically use cats because they’ve always been used–it could be endless. They are kept alive for 8-22 hours while they cut into them. I am just sick. These people are totally out of line. Why on Earth are they being allowed to do this? There are all these people coming in to “train” from all over the world. This is totally disgusting and should be stopped. I don’t see any practical application to this at all. It’s just someone’s disgusting “career”

    • they are not only allowed to do it, they are encouraged with lucrative incentives for unwitting taxpayers who fund these atrocities. the more people know, the more they can rise up in outrage against these socially-sanctioned sadists.

  3. I’ve been looking up a lot of stuff about research on cats these days and it’s horrible. They just destroy the cat while keeping it alive. When this “science” is reported in the news they never mention how the results were obtained–how much suffering happened. I don’t think its fair that they are allowed to operate out of the public eye. I think they should have to disclose everything they are doing so more people know.

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