Marino back in custody… The University of Florida coffers jeopardized by NIO’s exposure of their crimes against primates

Negotiation is Over - Florida

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UF orchestrates Marino’s re-arrest and re-extradition out of state because… she’s bad for business

Earlier today, Camille Marino, director of NIO Florida and the bane of the University of Florida’s  existence, went to pick up the property from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that was seized during a raid on her home in June.

FDLE had finished reviewing all the personal items they had taken that day and found no evidence of the false allegations made by UF vivisector Raymond Bergeron.

Nevertheless, upon arrival at the police station and after receiving her property, Camille was arrested right then and there on a new extradition warrant put in place by UF.

Camille is sitting in Sumter County Jail right now and will have an extradition hearing at 8am tomorrow.

And just like the last time, back in February 2012, when Camille was extradited to Michigan having never even stepped foot in the state in her life, UF is paying all costs to see that she is taken out of the state and placed behind bars in prison.

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