5 comments on “Louis: his agonizing life & death inside the University of Florida

  1. This department should be shut down. Where is the prosecution for animal abuse. And these people will be released into the scientific/academic community.

  2. This one grabs my heart.

    Speaking strictly as one Faculty Brat who was “given” an early-gen version of the insect-larval infection now called “Morgellons”(sic) on the wings of a VERY sick Mockingbird one sunny Sunday in 1960, after church, by way of an attempt to shut my antiwar-vehement Assistant Librarian father up forever (oh he crumpled on the outside BUT he found OTHER ways to resist ’cause HE was TOUGH like HEAVEN), I for one must say: The heartless fool(s) who put this innocent creature through Hell on Earth are NOT above Punitive Action.

    Intellectual Academics one and all: Look up the term “Karma” and GET IT. Now grasp what the “Bardo” is. (Call it “Afterlife” if you like – it’s merely Life, After. Thassright.)

    Fact: More likely than not, Louis (and a whole lot of other vivisected ones) will BE there and in FULL STRENGTH to greet the one(s) who did this to him. Those high-degree’d high-handed human(oid) culprits will be STUCK THERE – just like the Very Famous and Entirely Criminal ornithologist/parasitologist/sadist/sellout Jackson Dan Webster Ph.D (deceased now and good riddance thank you Heaven!) with his own foul legacy of well-paid political sabotage of decent dissenting folks’ lives – until the Day of Repentance.

    That Day’ll be a while in arriving, yet. So Patience is STILL a Great Abiding Virtue! Heaven STILL provides for the long-term well-being of ALL creatures – great and small – who instinctively love Her. *Genuine* Humans included.

    Can’t say as much re the sadists, soul-murderers, sellouts, saboteurs and slave-makers of this life. Slitherin’ snakes one and all, that foul Faulty-Intelligence krue! (“National Security” my sainted tainted and faintly Dahlia-painted bunghole.)

    Nonetheless, Kind Holy Creator (aka “God” to most normal folk) is GOOD. All throughout all, that One be, no less!

    Start there, Gentle Seeker. Keep the Faith! Now just keep on. And that is all. 0{:-\o[

  3. you bastards with no soul you will be shut down this torture has got to stop on these poor animals your sick mothers ur not trying to learn u like this as evil as it gets. I am going to write an editorial on Louis and summit it to Jacksonville and waycross and I encourage others do the same just in other areas he did have a voice and he spoke often just to the wrong people oh is the university of fla is this program in the hospital or in the college. I have been to the hospital twice but will not support this hospital if it promotes this action. I dearly love animals and they being wild or domestic bring us all joy so everyone help stop this

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