9 comments on ““Little Girl”: Tortured to death by Dennis E. Brooks Inside UF

  1. What happened to 55d and to all animals in labs is just disgusting and disturbing its unspeakable and unimaginable and it makes me wonder how these people who work in these hell holes ca sleep at night or even look into the mirror with all that blood and suffering on their hands how can they not feel anything but shame im so very very grateful that i stumbled upon Negotioation is Over a little over a year ago as it hasopened my eyes to the ugly world of vivisection and ever since the first day i found Negotiation is Over ive been an avid activist to stop Vivisection im also very grateful for Cammile Marino for opening my eyes and educating me about vivisection i will frever be grateful to her for her bravery and heart Cammile is my HERO!!

    • I appreciate your generous words, Florence, and am gratified to know that I was able to help enlighten you about the horrors of vivisection. Too many people understand what the holocaust is yet never leave their sofa to fight for the animals. You are my hero. Keep up the great work.


  2. What a crying disgrace! To think criminal behavior like this is condoned by law and to crown it all it is tax payers’ money funding all of this terrorism! May this piece of human trash and all others like him meet their demise in a slow and extremely agonizing way …. The wheel turns slowly, but it makes its 360 degrees always and what goes around always comes around!

  3. What a bunch of disgusting loosers who need entertainment by torturing defenseless animals. Congrats. Now humans are truly the lowest form of life on earth. May you receive in kind for the pain and suffering you have inflicted.

  4. Dennis Brooks should rot in hell. I would like to wipe that smirk right off your face. You should be tortured for ten years.

  5. I do not believe that vivisection has any value, but even if I did I would rather die than inflict such torture on another living being. Humans who do this are cowards.

  6. My mom’s been reading some of these articles to me. I feel sick. I want to cry. I just can’t understand why a human could do this stuff and think that it’s ok. I’m glad we met you, Camille. I can’t wait to talk to you today.

    • Hi Kevin,

      I think the fact that it took a total of 29 months and 2 court cases to finally get unredacted records out of the University of Florida speaks for itself. Clearly, UF (as well as every other university in the country) does not want the taxpayers to know what they are doing to animals with our money. It’s a very sad situation.

      I’m looking forward to speaking with you.


  7. This is cruelty beyond words! This behaviour is comparable with psychopathic behaviour and I do not understand that because it happens in a laboratory, it is acceptable!?!?!
    To do this to any living creature is beyond words. Where is the ethics and moral? Where are human values? Is it because the authorities do not know about it that it is legal?
    The questions are many, but the answers are few.
    Let us make this a horror from the past and have it forbidden globally!

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