4 comments on ““Little Girl”: Tortured to death by Dennis E. Brooks Inside UF

  1. He must have had such fun watching this spectacle, the sadistic fucker!! All of these monsters should be herded into one place and dealt with appropriately!

  2. How is it possible to make a living out off torturing animals…..pore little girl, so sad. You clearly can se her agony….

  3. putain juste envie de les insulter de tous les noms ce sont des pourritures ces gens qui font souffrir les animaux, ce sont des petits etre qui ont un coeur une conscience et des ressenti comme nous Humains!!!! Imaginé une seconde devoir subir de telles horreurs!!!!! C’est monstrueux ceux qui font ca devrait etre enfermé a vie et torturé puis tué a petit feu!!!!

  4. Dennis E Brooks may uou go to hell for torturing innocent animals! You are not a scientist you are a murderer and karma is coming yourcway! The university of Florida i dont see you supporting wisdom only cruelty, you offer nothing to teach the world as far as I am concerned you need an education in compassion! And world peace! how dare you make lives suffer Karma is coming your way!

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