Help us get Liberated pig to her permanent sanctuary

Negotiation is Over - Florida

In the early morning hours of Saturday, January 6, a group of NIO Florida activists liberated a pig from a miserable life of isolation inside a cage. She was left out in the freezing cold with no protection, no water, and little food. Our only concern was to get her to safety and give her a chance to have a good life with other pigs.

We named her Liberation. We kept Libby the Piggy comfortable, gave her a lot of food, water and love.

We transported her to a farm yesterday where she will spend a few days running around and adjusting to things like dirt, hey, freedom, and companionship. In the meantime, we’ve worked all weekend to find her a vegan farm or a sanctuary where she can settle in and live her life in peace with friends.

We finally found the most perfect wonderful sanctuary that will give her attention and love and integrate her into a family of other rescued pot-bellied pigs. Because of the circumstances of her rescue, we cannot disclose the name of the sanctuary or it would jeopardize her placement there. There is a $500 adoption fee that we need to meet to pay for her medical attention and transportation. A gofundme has been established for Libby the Piggy. If you would like to help us give her a new life, please consider making a small donation HERE.

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