Leaked Documents: Floor Plans of UF Vivisection Labs

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Please download this detailed Site Analysis to understand the significance of the diagrams that follow. The renovations made to the Communicore Animal Care Facility (CAF) are spelled out in their entirety. Everything from the bulbs used in the torture rooms to the Infectious Disease units to procedures for “carcass removal” are now public domain.

communicore basement animal rooms_partialThe Communicore Animal Facility project is a 16,500 square foot facility located in the basement of the Health Science Center at the University of Florida. This college operates a BSL-3 suite containing 300 square foot and 600 square foot laboratories, each of which is fully equipped for research of infectious agents. The facility utilizes a clean to dirty corridor concept and provides six laboratories with adjacent animal rooms. (See Source Document)

by NIO Florida

Subsequent to winning our lawsuit against the University of Florida on December 30, 2011, we are now in possession of thousands of veterinary records documenting the horrors to which non-human primates are subjected within this institution. We have definitive proof that monkeys have been locked away in their underground dungeons, in some cases for decades, in cages the size of a dishwasher. They’ve been captured from their homes in the wild or bought from the likes of Charles River and Alpha Genesis. All have been tormented relentlessly. Many have died at the gloved hands of their terrorists.

On Friday, January 13 (and continuing throughout 2012), we will begin to make these veterinary records public. We have already begun to disseminate them privately to students, activists, and the media. The following security-sensitive floor plans have been leaked to us from a sympathetic lab tech at UF. The veterinary records document how monkeys are consistently “knocked down” with Ketamine and other controlled substances to be transported from their “holding cages” to “experimental cages” within the “Communicore Building (CB).”

These are the CB floor plans and will serve as a point of reference for all of the veterinary records that will be published from Friday the 13th on. Please note, there are other buildings through which UF transports their primate prisoners. But these floor plans are critical because this is where vivisectors enter, exit, and commit the majority of their crimes as documented in the forthcoming records.

Please bookmark this permanent page: ViviLeaks UF. It will carry all of the monkey torture chronicles.

The loading dock, where ALL live animals are brought into the facility, is to the immediate left of the Communicore Building. It is very hidden away so that if one were not specifically looking for it, one would not find it.

The map below shows where the bodies are incinerated and the surgery suites where a lot of studies of the monkey to be revealed on Friday were done. It also documents necropsy rooms where autopsies performed include dogs, sheep, and goats.

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  1. mary says:

    isnt it amazing that these so called justified crimes are always conducted underground…literally…I guess these people feel a little more comfortable working near their eventual permanent home IN HELL!

  2. kristine darmohray says:

    enough is enough – youKNOW this is wrong – especially if you had to hide the blueprints. my son will NEVER attend your university unless this ENDS. NO FUNDING FOR YOU!!!!

  3. Sue Wise says:

    Inhumanity there is no excuse for. I believe the people who conduct vivisection have to be very sick people who enjoy inflicting pain. You cannot be a healthy human being and commit horrendous torture on any living thing. You are committing crimes greater than Hitler’s internment camps.

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