Kick Out The London Gator Club Regarding Vivisection!

Negotiation is Over - Florida

by NIO UK (Indymedia UK)

On the otherside of the pond, a hefty campaign is being waged by activists at Negotiation is Over against the use of primates in experimentation at the University of Florida.

Within the academic establishment monkeys are used in psychology experiments where electrodes are implanted into their skulls and they are forced into narcotics addiction.

So here’s where you come in. The London Gator Club are the British fundraising arm of the University of Florida and are set to host an event in London this coming Monday to mark the Gator Bowl.

Activists have already been placing pressure on the venue to pull and the owner has stated that he is sick of being contacted regarding this issue. His response was to put a misleading statement out to curb attention, citing that no event is taking place for Florida State University – which is true – as the event is being hosted for the University of Florida – a completely seperate establishment.

Please contact Jetlag Bar and ask them to pull the London Gator Club event this Monday and inform them of the horrors inside UF’s laboratories:

Jetlag Bar and Grill
125 Cleveland Street
Tel: 020 33 70 5838

Scott Wilson (Owner)
Mob: 07775 893 256


Dear Scott Wilson,

I have just received the news that your bar is to host an event for the London Gator Club this Monday, the fundraising arm for the University of Florida.

Although you have issued a statement regarding the Gator Bowl event, you have listed the wrong establishment and the event is still confirmed as going ahead.

Incase you are unaware, the University of Florida conduct vicious experiments on primates – including implanting electrodes into their skulls and getting them addicted to narcotics. These primates were torn from their jungle homes to die in a small cage many thousands of miles away. The London Gator Club fundraise for this.

I request that you make the honest decision and cancel the Gator Bowl event. Unless this is done, I shall boycott your bar.

Yours Sincerely,

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