Kevin Storm Show Video: Dr. Barry D. Friedman Speaks Out About UF

Negotiation is Over - Florida

If you missed the Kevin Storm Show on Sunday, please take some time to enjoy the video from that taping. Dr. Barry Friedman, president of the International Honor Society of Political Science & distinguished professor of political science at the University of North Georgia, speaks out about the corruption at UF which allows the atrocities they commit against animals for profit to continue. Dr. Friedman offers suggestions for everyone to get involved — UF faculty, alumni, and taxpayers — and pressure the university to release the last 25 monkeys in their labs to sanctuaries. Eleventh Hour associates, Lisa Grossman and Camille Marino, call in to speak with Kevin and Dr. Friedman.

Eleventh Hour for Animals extends their love and sincere appreciation to Kevin Storm & Susan Lorito Schindler for their tireless efforts on behalf of the animals. Kevin is indeed our not-so-secret weapon in the war for animal liberation!

All statements made by Dr. Barry Friedman are of his own personal opinion and do not reflect the policies or opinions of the University of North Georgia.

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