Invitation to Session I: Organizing a Back-to-School Assault

Negotiation is Over - Florida

As long as animal torture is considered higher education, animal rights extremists are taking our place in their curriculum!

Standardized Reward Flyer to be used by all NIO activists in all universities.

Session I: Organizing a Back-to-School Assault was cancelled last Saturday due to technical difficulties and is now rescheduled for Saturday, June 11. Please check HERE for your local time. As only 24 people are able to participate in this Skype presentation (and we already have enemy students attending), we are going to outline our agenda all week and will make our conference call available early next week. If you are a friend or enemy who would like to participate, NIO Florida welcomes you. Please add camillemarino as a Skype contact to be added to the queue of attendees.

Our main job during the first week of the fall semester is to announce ourselves. We must recruit students who are sympathetic to animal liberation or those who simply need some extra cash. The student body must be fractured and biomed students must be marginalized within their institutions of higher terrorism. Their sense of complacency and safety must be shattered along with that of their professors. They must not be able to trust their peers or even their fellow student abusers.

Following are ideas for signs that activists may use to ostracize and shame vivisection students as they are identified. This is by no means inclusive and many more creative and effective strategies for individual activists to deploy will be discussed on Saturday.

Training Tool: Ideas for Signs to Expose Students That Torture Animals

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