Insider describes how “panic intensified” as UF drowned horse to death

Negotiation is Over - Florida

harnesses used to raise horses in the air with a crane and submerge them under water in river

by Camille Marino

Outrage surrounding the recent death of a horse that died during a torture session at the University of Florida on April 29 has prompted an insider who witnessed the horror to contact NIO. Our source tells us that during this particular “training exercise,” the horse was lowered into Lake Wauberg and, as his body was submerged, “his panic intensified as he began to drown.” The training is designed to teach rescuers how to approach horses that are struggling and fighting for their life. “They must contain the animal despite its panic and fear to rescue it successfully.” The source went on to say that, having witnessed the torture sessions of many different species at the Veterinary School at the University of Florida, “the people inflicting the stress and pain on the animals, in this case a horse, have clearly developed a callousness and disregard for the animals’ suffering. Their only concern is their careers and reputations.”

We look forward to talking further with X in the future.

I understand that the torture of animals is so pervasive and deeply-ingrained in the UF culture that many individuals find themselves caught up in the horror because they need to earn a paycheck. That money does not assuage the constant disgust and guilt that plague people of conscience. NIO respects the courage of whistleblowers and informants to break the wall of silence and expose the atrocities hidden away on campus.

I urge and encourage anyone with further information to feel free to contact me at or phone me at (352) 396-4132. I guarantee complete anonymity and protection.

2 Responses

  1. Barb3000 says:

    This is the same thing as a swim instructor that was teaching a course on life saving letting the person acting as the victim drown deliberately to prove a point.

    These people need to be charged with cruelty in the first degree. If I lived in that state that is what I would do. There needs to be some ass kicking.

  2. Animal Armor says:

    Memorize their names, these future vets must not get near an Animal. They don’t have the honor to.

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