Houdini couldn’t escape torture or blindness before being murdered

Negotiation is Over - Florida

His tormenters taunted him after failed attempts at freedom, calling him Houdini.

Monkey 44D was one of 10 in another barbaric experiment at the University of Florida. By shining a laser into an eye to temporarily invoke the higher pressure with heat, they then measured the eye’s recovery over time. It eventually blinded little 44D and caused cataracts. After almost a decade of painful laser injuries to his eyes, 44D was then murdered and his eyes were extracted for further study.

Monkey 44D was tortured daily. Shortly after his arrival from a Puerto Rican “monkey mill,” his left leg and right side of his head were shaved for easy access for injections and eye exams. For one of several studies 44D was used for, his daily routine consisted of being compressed in his tiny cage, injected with Ketamine and transported to another UF building. Sometimes the 3 pound primate was just “knocked down” with the Ketamine before having his eye sockets forced open with clamps for study. Many other times he was intubated for anesthesia and put on a respirator. His day may also include being catheterized (penis/urethra) just to avoid messy urine getting in the way. Prior to examinations, 44D endured humiliating rectal swabbing.

Then the experiment begins with a laser beam in his eye. After an hour of constantly measuring 44D’s eye to see how long it took to return to “normal”, he was left to recover on the table before transporting back to his box sized cage.

The veterinary records show an inconceivable amount of Ketamine was given to this fragile little being. Its recorded that during each examination 44D was re-dosed with more Ketamine “as needed.” As noted in his records, 44D received a total of more than 2.5 GALLONS of Ketamine in his fourth year of one experiment.

44D wanted a life free of torture and pain. Free of herpes lesions, chronic diarrhea, amputated fingers, broken toes and countless other painful injuries recorded in his records. He risked escape twice by unlocking his own cage and once bit Gary The Tech. Finally, in his seventh year of being used, 44D was pronounced clinically blind with cataracts and lived on another 3 years suffering through random exams, before his death and eye extractions.

Monkey 44D veterinary records:




31 Responses

  1. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    Was looking for a petition. Torture and exploitation of the powerless and voiceless is immoral.

  2. mary says:

    I am ashamed to be human !!!!!! Leave the animals alone. We have no right.

  3. […] Dr. Mengele when he came up with the idea to laser 44D’s eye for an experiment. He insiststhat boiling the fluid in 44D’s eye then measuring how long it takes to cool is science and not […]

  4. angela kühn says:

    hört auf damit ihr wiederlichen menschen die tiere fühlen auch

  5. Lee Thomas says:

    Im so disgusted..its really time to stop ALL of these experiments.sickening.

  6. claire staincq says:

    bastard the humansssssssssssss

  7. Conrad says:

    This is so horrific where is your hearts you have to murder them and torture them what is the sense in this.This is 2013 our world have evolved since the old days we don’t need animal experiments now or then for that matter.get a life and stop treating those animals like nothing. They have feelings to n feel pain how would you like someone poking you i bet not. This breaks my heart and millions of others to. Animal Forever you people are going to make animals Extinct. No more animals in the world to teach my wee child in the world about them sick stop this.

  8. laurence delbende says:

    stop aux tortures!!!

  9. Becky Thren says:

    Sick, sick, sick! Karma for these sickos!

  10. mistry says:

    THis is disgusting….this needs to be stopped right now. whoever can do this with a good conscious is disgusting and should be shot

  11. Emily says:

    Pure Evil humans inflict on Life’s This Must Stop!

  12. to moronic to move into this century??????????

  13. Debbie says:

    There is a special place in HELL for the people who do this!

  14. Maria Valenzuela says:

    s. mengele, you and you grup., i’ don like you your’s are miserables and bad, bad persons, i hope one of this day dies., very badly an sufers a lot.,the humans destroy our beautiful animals, malditos, barbaros., hijos de la gran puta., los odio a muerte., estupidos, malvados, les deseo lo peror del mundo.,

  15. nioflorida says:

    We share everyone’s outrage.

    Exposure is our most potent weapon and the one assault that they cannot withstand. Please continue to share this article on facebook, twitter, and whatever other social networking sites you may use. Let’s make it go viral.

    It’s up to us here in Florida to make sure the taxpayers here understand the horror they fund.

    But it’s up to all of us to make sure the University of Florida is not allowed to hide their crimes from the world anymore.

    Together we can and will liberate the animals.

    Thank you for your support.

  16. Nice Coelho says:

    piedade piedade deles


    For God’s sake stop this evil! This is not and will never be called science. How can we evolve making an animal suffer. Sefrimento, not for me, not for you or anyone. Scientists?? Science is for good and not for evil. The Law of Return is, thank God! Stop in how much time. I also work with science. I love science but do not you preach this … this … never ever. Sad to know that this happens. I beg, do not!!
    brotherly hugs
    Are missing as well! Stop!
    May God enlighten!
    Believe me, there are other methods and painlessly.

  18. Mariana says:

    Why don’t you do those experiments in humans? Those criminals of hedionds crimes should at least serve for something. In last case you have all the mental illness persons, those who are born that way, completely out, who could serve for more than just eat, and be a weight for the others pocket.

  19. Denise says:

    Revoltante uma situação dessas…dolorosa e muito triste!Coisas assim envergonham ou deveriam envergonhar os ditos “seres humanos”.

  20. Marta de Luka says:

    Muito desumano, com seres tão inocentes.

  21. FERNANDA says:


  22. Stela says:

    I don’t believe!!! Who are animals? Why this people don’t try to make experiences with their family??? Will be a nice idea!

  23. rachel says:

    could we get a petition going for this? a petition for the university as well as the governor of florida?

  24. Paula mendes says:

    Deixem os animais viverem …todos têm direitos….assim como nós humanos..!!!!

  25. que bando de filhadasputas

  26. tatiane says:

    eu tenho nojo do ”ser humano” n consigo acreditar q as pessoas tem coragem de fazer tt um ser vivo sofrer…e por isso q odeio pessoas e amo so os animais mais q minha vida

  27. Linda says:

    This is so dam wrong. There is no reason why this poor monkey had to suffer the way he did. I think we should do this to the person who did it to him. See how they would like to suffer.

  28. Fernanda says:

    Um dia o bem vai vencer o mal!

  29. Marlena alo says:

    I wonder if the wicked that have harmed sentient beings know that maybe not in this life but in their next, what evil they have inflicted on other life, they will have to go through TENFOLD to learn their lesson.

  30. Maria Clara says:

    Stop animal torture!

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