Have you chosen a university to target for back-to-school yet?

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Due to technical difficulties, Session I: Organizing for the War on Vivisection Students was cancelled on Saturday, June 4. It is being rescheduled for this coming Saturday, June 11 at 5 pm EST. We will, therefore, be making training materials available throughout the coming week which will serve as our uniform tools to go into universities around the country when the fall semester resumes…

Have you chosen your target school for the War on Students? Undergrads need to be educated to pick other studies so we can stop vivisection before it even starts!

August 22nd is approaching fast.

We need to organize and mobilize ourselves now so that we have activists ready to go into universities across the country when classes resume. We intend to make our agenda crystal clear this fall:

As long as animal torture is considered higher education, animal rights extremists are taking our place in their curriculum!

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