Harry: Tortured for 11 years until funding ran out

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by NIO Florida

Vet records for Monkey 95D (Harry) may be viewed HERE.

On December 2, 1998, ten macaques were shipped to the University of Florida from the Caribbean Primate Research Center at the University of Puerto Rico. One of those monkeys was a 3-year old male called “95-D,” later named “Harry” by his new captors. After enduring 11 years of misery and terror at the hands of sadistic vivisector Dennis Brooks, Harry was murdered in UF’s dungeons on September 1, 2009. His broken body was promptly incinerated.

As with all of UF’s prisoners, Harry’s vet records indicate that he was turned into a drug addict by the sickening frequency with which he was extracted from his cage in terror, forceably restrained, and injected with increasingly-larger doses of ketamine and other drugs used to “knock him down” and render him helpless. Like his sister, Little Girl, his eyes would then be pried open with devices, electrodes woud be attached to his eyeballs, and Brooks would then flood Harry’s little body with unknown amounts of voltage. Harry also had dyes injected into his eyes repeatedly and, of course, eye scans were regularly taken to document the effects of these atrocities.

After more than a decade of living in unimaginable terror and pain, Harry was executed by Brooks with his eyes intact. A source inside UF’s labs explains the murder as follows:

“…he was killed because the study ended. Housing and maintaining animals is expensive, especially monkeys. There was no funding for further research, so Harry needed to be eliminated. They don’t like to release animals to sanctuaries because of the exposure. They don’t want the public to know that they do in any of these studies and a sanctuary may not be as discreet about the sources.

“Harry went immediately to the animal facility’s incineration room where he was later burned with all the other animals that are regularly burned several times a week. It would be nice if they went to introductory biology labs on campus for dissection (at least SOMETHING else could have been gained from their lives) but again, that lifts the veil of secrecy.”

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  1. susan foster says:

    Hi, FYI, The photos are not showing on your vivaleaks page. PeaceLoveLiberation!!

    • nioflorida says:

      thanks, susan. we’re still in the process of transferring images from another website. sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. steve g richko says:

    Is this what college students learn now, how to torture animals. won,t belong before it’s homeless people next. this school should be put on trial for this. this is about as bad as it gets.

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