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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Animal Tormentor Ding’s house — where he was imprisoned today — is in the background behind the watchful gaze of this officer of the law. He had his laptop open in his vehicle and we believe he was reading Negotiation is Over! 
by NIO Florida

We had an amazing afternoon connecting with Mercenary Mingzhou Ding’s neighbors. The residents of Haile Plantation were absolutely horrified to learn about their neighbor and quite interested to learn that their taxes are funding torture $cience. Still others walked out into the street to look upon the police presence in disbelief. People who don’t maim and murder for a living don’t need police protection. We heard several stories about sheriffs being on SW 35th Lane frequently in recent weeks. We suspect that may have something to do with Ding’s new-found notoriety and this website.

Several of his neighbors gave us some great campaign ideas and we’ll be sending a follow-up letter to many to thank them for being so warm and cordial as well as to welcome them into this fight for justice. Considering that we found an ally within the UF faculty yesterday — someone who is utterly disgusted by the university’s blood-money animal torture business — Halloween Havoc has been a resounding success!

full story HERE.

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  1. kat says:

    Right on! You go, Florida… You are an inspiration to so many of us. It is fully my intention to reach out and bring together active ARA groups in OC, SD, LA, and other areas, here in California, so we can work together in solidarity such as our badass NIO comrades in Florida. The animals trapped in the institutions NEED us–they suffer and they die and this waits for no one. We are all that they have save for the white coated Hell bringers of torture and death. Thank you, Florida. We can all take a lesson from you.In solidarity, korrupt-a-kitty (kat)

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