Greyhound Abuse: Industry Group Actively Sabotaging Amend 13 in Florida

Negotiation is Over - Florida

On November 6, 2018, Florida residents will vote on Amendment 13, which, if passed, will phase out commercial dog racing in Florida by 2020. Over 40 states and territories have already banned greyhound racing . In Florida, Republican senator Tom Lee argues that this is an issue of “humanity,” not economics:

“These animals are kept in cages, they are bred exclusively for the purposes of being used for profit in wagering…”

By yearend, Texas, West Virginia, Arkansas, Iowa, and Alabama could be the only states where dog-racing remains legal. And as media continues to expose the deaths, injuries, and starvation inherent in this brutal industry, Floridians are taking notice. Bob Echols, a retired corporate lawyer, writes in a local paper that, “Floridians will have the opportunity to show that we care about animals and are appalled by animal abuse.”

We must rally voters in our state because the industry has taken notice and is fighting back with a grassroots effort to sabotage Amendment 13. A Racing Industry front group calling themselves Support Greyhounds began contacting grassroots activists in Florida last week to persuade us that they represent 85 adoption groups (without naming a single one) that oppose Amendment 13. In reaching for any possible rationale, this group alleges that they cannot support legislation that does not provide for the placement of the “retired” dogs. Isn’t this just a little bit redundant? This group wants to keep these dogs perpetually enslaved so that their “85 groups” can be in perpetual adoption and placement mode. Well, a wholesale ban on greyhound exploitation (racing, at least) would make thousands of dogs available for them to adopt.

This is an insidious effort working under the radar to spread misinformation to uninformed dog lovers. Not a single one of us wants to see dogs starved to death, run until they die of heart attacks, used as breeding machines, injured, abused, and living in misery to entertain degenerate gamblers. But if we aren’t effective in countering their covert efforts, we could have a lot of good people going to the ballot box on Nov. 6 and voting for animal cruelty instead of against it.



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