Gemini the Beagle: Dissected Alive inside the University of Florida

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Gemini, holocaust number 11F22, is a female beagle/maltese that was born into slavery inside UF on June 15, 2011. At her birth, her vet records indicate she was strong and healthy. At the direction of vivisector Thomas J. Conlon, Gemini began being drugged as a puppy to induce Glycogen Storage Disease which, according to their own protocol, causes “enlarged livers” and “severe kidney complications,” and “seizures and even death.”

At 5 months old, the seizures began. Gemini would shake uncontrollably throughout the night. She vomits almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. They begin shoving catheters into the puppy, cutting her open, taking biopsies of her organs to determine how much damage Conlon has inflicted on her little body. Gemini’s kidneys are already damaged. She has tremendous difficulty urinating but, when she is able to relieve herself, there is blood in her urine. She is documented on November 28, 2011 to have a “renal hemorrhage.”

In 2012, they eventually cut off a piece of her liver. Gemini is reported to be quiet after she is thrown back in her cage to recover. She bites at her stitches. She repeatedly chews her own paws. Self-mutilation is typical when caged animals are driven insane. Perhaps most heartbreaking of all, in between episodes of vomiting and shaking, when the white-coat terrorists attend to her injuries, her vet records indicate she in “very affectionate.” Gemini does not seem to understand that her caretakers are also her tormentors.

Every single entry in her two solid years of vet records indicates that this little dog suffers from almost-daily episodes of vomiting and chronic diarrhea. By 2013 she develops a limp and is having difficulty moving. She is given nothing for her pain. She is losing her coat.  Alopecia is frequently observed in vivisection victims. The unmitigated stress of their ordeal causes them to lose their hair.

On August 13, 2013, Gemini is exposed to another dog that is infested with tapeworms. On October 4, 2013, at a little over 2 years old, she is not eating well. It is determined that her “teeth are decaying due to dextrose treatments” and that she is probably in pain.

As of December 31, 2013, Gemini was still existing inside the man-made hell constructed for her inside the University of Florida. A telling note in large, bold print in the friendly beagle’s file reads:

“Anticipate giving her 4cc D50 immediately if an emergency occurs, have meters ready at all times in a kit that can be transported to ICU on short notice.”

The experiments performed on Gemini are fully funded by taxpayers and her torture is in  full compliance with “federal welfare regulations.”

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  1. David A. Hereaux says:

    Franks are some of the most cruel of the human virus, just ask the jews.

  2. Yvette Rubery says:

    Animal testing must be stopped! This is cruel and horrific and no animals must be forced to this type of life.

  3. if you have concerns about these experiments, please leave a public comment on this article in the local media

  4. Johnson says:

    This is totally unacceptable and think about the fact that they are using people’s money to do this experiment. How can they be so cruel?

  5. Shirley Jent says:

    Sick and I do mean SICK shall we call them Humans ?

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