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restraint chair

In order to forcefeed monkeys poison most effectively inside UF, the vivisectors note in their business plans:

“Animals have been trained by the vendor prior to purchase. They are trained to accept transfer between cage and restraint chair, sitting in the restraint chair for short periods of time and gastric intubation.”

And the University of Florida purchases their victims from the most notorious breeders like Alpha Genesis, Charles River, and Haman.


mechanics of forcefeeding

“An oro-gastric tube will be placed transiently and the animal given a dose of Gatorade. If the animal becomes anxious it will be administered a dose of acepromazine…. During dosing, the animal’s arms and legs will betethered, allowing movement except to the head area to avoid interference with oro-gastric tube placement and removal. Tethering is done by looping of 2” gauze strips from the wrist or ankle to a stationary point on the chair. The animal can freely move the limbs but with limited travel to its mouth.”


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  1. As an educator and journalist, I ask you to stop the horror of force feeding and poisoning monkeys. Stop purchasing monkeys from such horrific breeders. No good will ever come from such abject cruelty. Other methods are now available. People are no longer accepting this as necessary in growing numbers and associating institutions engaged in such practices as greedy and barbaric, as well we should. Do the right thing. Stop this horror.

    June Avignone

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