Friday the 13th: Demo Held to Honor Horse Murdered by UF

Negotiation is Over - Florida

by NIO Florida

In response to yet another torture and murder session at the University of Florida, NIO members took to the streets to shed light on their atrocities that have remained hidden from the people of Gainesville for far too long. Add the Paynes Prairie bison killings, and it’s beginning to look like UF is poisoning the whole city. A new addition to our protests is the “schedule of rewards” offered to any person who provides NIO with pictures or videos of the horrific animal abuse that is the normal curriculum inside UF.

On April 29th 2011, as reported by Gainesville Sun reporter Nathan Crabbe, UF’s VETS Team was practicing a horse rescue at Lake Wauburg. Since UF’s spokesperson Janine Sikes is involved, we can be assured that there will lies and cover ups like she provides for vivisectors at UF. John Haven, the VETS Team leader is the one responsible for not using their fake practice horse Rescue Randy. Instead they used an innocent terrified animal and drowned it while trying to teach students how to save a horse. Haven should be fired since his leadership and training are so inept that they couldn’t even save a horse while it was drowning right there in front of his team.

The corner of NW 13th street and University Ave in Gainesville is packed for hours with traffic and we took advantage of that. The people stuck in traffic had no choice but to learn of the truth about UF and how they murdered another victim. We had more support than ever from this crowd. They stopped in traffic to take pictures, talk and ask questions about what happened to the horse. Of equal importance to NIO this day was to let Gainesville know that we will pay for pictures or videos of UF animal abuse. I expect we’ll receive much after the start of Fall classes. We also believe that this reward offer will save lives we my never know about since students and professors will be constantly trying to cash in on $1000s just by bringing a camera to work with them!

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