Former Gator Supporter Joins Efforts to Free the UF Monkeys

Negotiation is Over - Florida

"I used to be a Gator fan. Here's my commemorative brick on the Gator Walk leading to the football stadium." -Bob Heisler

Bob Heisler used to be a Gator fan. This is his commemorative brick on the Gator Walk leading to the football stadium.


In Bob Heisler’s words:

“I recently moved to Saint Augustine from Gainesville where I was a Gators fan. I decided to switch my allegiance to Flagler College Athletics because of logistics and the fact that as an animal rights activist I recently discovered that the University of Florida conducts a massive amount of very cruel and unnecessary laboratory experiments on thousands of animals, including about 250 dogs, at taxpayer expense.

I was scouting out the Flagler sports venues one day when I poked my head in the door at the Flagler College Gymnasium. I was greeted by basketball coach Bo Clark himself who gave me a schedule and invited me to the game that night. I vividly remember Bo from his playing days at the University of Central Florida where he was a scoring machine, leading the nation in scoring in 1977 with 31.6 ppg. His dad is legendary UCF basketball coach Torchy Clark. I have attended several Flagler basketball games now and I really enjoy them. Cost is only $5.00…….$3.00 for those fans over 55. I arrive early to watch the warm-ups. I like the dunking, especially that of 6’7″ senior forward Matt Conway.

I am very happy being a Flagler College Athletics fan and the college does not torture animals in laboratories to the best of my knowledge.


bob heisler speaks for the monkeys

Bob Heisler





2 Responses

  1. Ramona Stoicescu says:

    Stop tormenting monkeys, this is bad science, barbaric, cruel and useless job

  2. Geo Trevius says:

    It’s imperative that this state moves up and forwsrd, but not in looks. I mean brainwise. Rescue our morals and use common sense. For our kids and the future generationss. NO MORE MONKEY AND DOGS TORTURED IN U.F.
    There are new techniques that make this medieval.

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