Florida Law Enforcement Storms Activist’s Home

Negotiation is Over - Florida

home raid - police car

One marked police car followed by nine unmarked vehicles line Sugar Maple Avenue to execute search warrant at activist’s home on June 19, 2012.

by Dr. Steven Best

In May 2012, a law was passed in Florida on behalf of the vivisection complex criminalizing NIO’s campaign against “researchers” who profit from torturing monkeys at the University of Florida. This law is to go into effect in October 2012.

Nonetheless, on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents stormed the residence of Camille Marino seeking evidence to substantiate felony indictments under Florida State Statutes 817.568(4) and 817.568(5)(a): “Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information [of vivisectors].” Ten police vehicles, marked and unmarked, lined her street and over 20 uniformed officers swarmed her residence.

The Search Warrant may be viewed HERE.

They seized all computers, laptops, cellphones, cameras, back up disks, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, ipods, all chargers, and personal papers. A complete list of the personal property that was confiscated may be viewed HERE.

Everything relating to NIO Florida’s campaign against primate torture at UF was seized, except as Officer Vash articulated several times, the veterinary records which Marino was awarded in a lawsuit were exempted from the search warrant.

While she is engaged in a bitter and ongoing First Amendment trial in Detroit, precipitated by dog-murderer [vivisector’s name deleted],no formal charges have been filed against Marino in Florida as of this date. It is clear that the vivisection complex seeks to use every resource available to them to intimidate, harrass, and jail all who expose them.

However, Camille remains unphased:

“They can never intimidate or harass me out of fighting for what is right against a corrupt system. Let’s try to see through what they’re doing to me. It’s all a smokescreen behind which they seek to keep the animals enslaved in silence and anonymity. We must never let that happen. Support me by waging war for them. Escalate. Never retreat. Never relent.”

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