Federal Complaint Cites Systemic Incompetence inside University of Florida Animal Labs

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Image from inside UF awarded by court after first legal victory on Dec. 30, 2011

Image from inside UF awarded by court after first legal victory on Dec. 30, 2011

Press Release
December 24, 2013
For Immediate Release

At 8 am this morning, Eleventh Hour for Animals filed a federal complaint with the USDA citing four counts of violations of the Animal Welfare Act and alleging systemic incompetence and neglect of animals being housed inside the University of Florida. Veterinarians documented a monkey named Louis with a broken hip on July 9, 2009. Rather than address the injury or treat his pain, Louis was left to languish in agony and deteriorate as lab techs, vets, and principle investigator Stephen Roberts spent an entire year testing him for parasites. When the parasite treatments failed to resolve the issue of his broken bones, Louis was incinerated on July 9, 2010. His veterinary records chillingly note that Louis “was unable to be used.”

While this complaint calls for an immediate “high priority” investigation by the USDA, Eleventh Hour does not look to this agency for any remedy. Neither do we wish to quantify the suffering of the victims according to which torture is allowed or disallowed under the Animal Welfare Act. We do, however, wish to demonstrate the unscientific nature and sheer incompetence of those claiming to be “medical researchers” to collect approximately $400 million annually in taxpayer money to brutalize animals.  Our goal is not to appeal to the USDA but to use this federal complaint as a means of reaching the taxpayers that are being kept in the dark and defrauded.

In addition to the culture of incompetence that we have clearly documented, there is a pervasive companion culture of corruption inside UF that we have been documenting for several years. This complaint dating back to 2009/2010 is being filed in a timely manner because, after winning two lawsuits against them, we only took possession of these unredacted records in April of 2013. And as all further requests for current public records this year have been ignored, it appears that a third lawsuit against the University of Florida is imminent. It is clear that this university is committed to flagrantly disregarding the law and blackening transparency to protect their lucrative animal torture industry. We fully intend to expose their corruption and put an end to these taxpayer-funded atrocities.

Karen Kline


3 Responses

  1. otis henry says:

    … tho it is christmas eve day … as in any murderous industry, there is no vacation. of course the main perps may wallow on home to gather with “family” – so god damn what ! ? captivity & torture & as is revealed in usda ap (application / verification) papers – with or without (mainly) pain relief – there is a song written by the band steppenwolf – god damn the pusher man. so … mr or ms vivisector – are you in the christmas spirit – seeing as you have either made a name for your dept. or – you seek to get th@ money to continue your hoax – anyone who knows anyone – knows your pointless experiments are either or both – redundant & have arrived @ foregone conclusions – ones th@ proved (past tense) NO Thing ! – find another trade. stop with the phony meticulous ridiculousness ! your hidden agenda & money accounts have been exposed – just as they have been @ wayne state. in fact – aside from the dupes @ usda – interpol has it’s eye upon you for participating / receiving illegal imports – live animals no less. Yule feel the Tide – people. the walls of the institution & the govt of florida & the u s of a – shall not stand up for you !

  2. Isabella Ireland says:

    This disgusting activity must be illegal! No tolerance for you, fake “scientists” and sadists.

  3. Linda Densmore says:

    It is barbaric to use animals in such a way for research. They are as sentient and have feelings just like children. WOULD YOU TORTURE YOUR OWN CHILDREN LIKE THIS? These animals belong to the entire world, not to just some cold blooded researchers. Who ever does such a thing should be tried and sentenced to prison. It is an unconscionable crime. You must answer and you WILL answer to the rest of the world for your brutal acts against these innocent beings!

    If this is education, the world is better off without it. Go to hell.

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