Feb. 15: Eleventh Hour Announces its First Dual Protest Against UF

Negotiation is Over - Florida


12 PM TO 1:30 PM

The on-the-ground initiative in Florida to raise awareness about the horrific crimes against nonhuman primates inside the University of Florida is expanding across the state. On Saturday, February 15, join activists as they congregate simultaneously in Jacksonville and Gainesville for peaceful protests for the enslaved & tortured monkeys:

Gainesville: at the corner of University Blvd and 13th St. (the hotel corner)

Jacksonville: Corner of W 8th St and N Davis St. (close to UF’s Science Center)

If you would like to lead an Eleventh Hour demo in Orlando at our next event, please contact eleventhhour@riseup.net


Inside the University of Florida, 25 monkeys are confined in tiny cages, being turned into drug addicts, being poisoned, maimed, and driven insane at the hands of mercenary vivisectors. At least 6 of them have since been murdered and their brains extracted from their little bodies. We have repeatedly sued UF in court over the past few years; each time we were successful in having the courts compel them to disclose the details of their crimes against animals. In December, a federal complaint against UF cites “systemic incompetence and negligence” in their labs. More complaints citing incompetence and negligence are forthcoming.


The University of Florida earns approximately $400 million in taxpayer-funded federal grants in addition to private funding for the sole purpose of torturing these innocent animals. We need you to stand with us and raise your voice! Make it clear we will not tolerate their lucrative crimes against the innocent anymore!

2 Responses

  1. Amy Long says:

    ENOUGH! Human beings have been able to voice the opinions based on a select few in the news, what the general public’s fed. That’s DONE! With social media, our voices now ring clear and loud! RELEASE the animals, we have OTHER ALTERNATIVES. This wave has only just begun to BUILD IN ITS’ INTENSITY!! TY!

  2. Cindy de la Garza says:

    Stop torturing these poor animals! Use other alternatives that do not include the use of animals!!

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