4 comments on “Eleventh Hour successfully puts UF on the defensive to ring in 2014!

  1. … it is good to hear – media stepping up, so to speak. when you think about all this hoop jumping, & you continue to look down the road (in this case to go underground to the facility where the monkeys are being held prisoners). the point of this liberation is to free the sentients from captivity & until th@ is the case – this is not done. the establishment is sly & devious & does not suddenly realize – Oh ! My ! we must right this wrong direction th@ we have traveled in for so so long. oh my. bravo karen & company for the wins won so far ! bravo camille – boo to wayne state. i have tried to picture the remaining monkeys being set free from their prisons. of course the cages are not just opened & someone (who might th@ be) says – ok you are free to travel. here’s a little advance for expenses. the monkeys need a place to go – & – i would assume even some rehab & quarantine (not knowing what may have been actually done to them). yes the U S D A – yes the N I H. yes cohorts & extended family of carpetbagging institutional experimenters. i choose not to call them either scientists or physicians, for if they were – “their” oath would have been Betrayed. not to mention their betrayal of the creatures – one look @ a U S D A form tells the basic mumbo jumbo of collusion. Oh, pain relief is not in order for this procedure for it blurrs the results. i refrain from equalizing upon said experimenters ! they are the viviterrorists. O K ! ! where do we meet – where do we, when do we begin the public demonstrations to alert & involve the “good” people of gainesville & the world ? when !

  2. I’m stilling pulling info from the net…SO FAR this is who has picked up the story:

    Channel 5 West Palm Beach, FL
    Channel 20 Gainesville, FL
    Gatorsports.com Gainesville, FL
    WTSP channel 10 Tampa Bay, FL
    WEAR Channel 3 Pensacola, FL w/Alabama affiliate
    Miami Herald
    Silobreaker.com / Big News Network
    Ocala Star Banner Ocala, FL
    Florida Higher Education Spectator (flhespectator.com)
    Roonte.com (sports I think)
    WINK channel Fort Myers, FL
    San Francisco Chronicle
    South Carolina Enquirer-Harold

    WPLG Channel 10 Miami, FL …
    Author “Associated Press” ??

    • Will definitely let you know when demos will commence, Otis.

      Tremendous list, Lisa. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • … good labor of love, lisa g ! – the monkeys & any of the other sentients (creatures) @ u of f need action asap – now – ’cause the perps are (i would suppose) on the defensive. not unlike the nazis scrambling to erase as much evidence as possible of … the death camps. seriously. Dept of Ag junk – U S D A junk – N I H – dopes. the caring compassionate people – Y E S ! the g – sun reporting the news … incidental

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