Easter Sunday/Community-Student Demo, April 20

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Yesterday’s protest was organized so as not to have any conflicts with all of the Earth Day events on Saturday. Well, who knew it was Easter Sunday!!!! Leave it to an antitheist…

We’re going to assume that a lot our support base was otherwise engaged because of the holiday and was unable to make it.


We got the typical response – a lot of honks, people writing down the website, and several people wanting more information about the monkeys. One man came over on his bike and was absolutely shocked to learn about what happens inside UF. But in an effort to raise the bar, entertain, and rally people, our next demo in two weeks will boast a new 8′ x 5′ banner, a hi-powered bullhorn, and a whole lot of energy… The monkeys’ will not be silent! And we’ve only just begun…


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