Dr. Barry D. Friedman to speak on Kevin Storm Show on Sunday

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Dr. Barry D. Friedman

Dr. Barry D. Friedman

This Sunday, January 12 at 12 p.m., Barry D. Friedman will be the featured guest on The Kevin Storm Show. Dr. Friedman is a distinguished professor of political science at the University of North Georgia and President of Pi Gamma Mu, the International Honor Society of Political Science. He is expected to speak about his own companion animals and how he became involved in the Animal Liberation Movement. Dr. Friedman is also expected to speak about the University of Florida and how he has become
involved in contentious campaign to free the monkeys.

Veteran activists in the UF campaign are expected to make guest appearances.

Kevin Storm is a 12-year old abolitionist who is on the forefront of bringing a young generation of warriors into the movement. In his words, “we have to do more than potlucks and protests.” Kevin is said to be Animal Liberation’s secret weapon.

Listen to the show live on Sunday at noon at WNCH 1360: http://wnjc1360.com/listen-live/

All statements made by Dr. Barry Friedman are of his own personal opinion and do not reflect the policies or opinions of the University of North Georgia.

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