4 comments on “Dear Santa: You can find David Jentsch in NY this year

  1. Fuck, yeah. Jentsch’s torture of animals should never be forgotten. He should and will be followed everywhere he goes. When he sits in a nursing home, he should still be held accountable. He should never find peace. He offers no peace to his victims, so he will find only justified rage by those who fight for the silenced. Yes, they are not the “voiceless.” They have voices. Just because those voices aren’t human doesn’t mean they should be ignored. He has made his money on the backs of the animals’ screams for comfort, solace, and release from pain. No rest for the wicked.

    Get him (within the bounds of the law, of course).

    • There is the law of “karma” and NOTHING hurts more than a karmic slap from an 8 armed deity. All forms of Life are precious. No one life is more valuable than another.

      There is sacrifice for food to sustain life. For that we give thanks for, and act humanely.

      Torment torture and murder, serve no purpose.

      I wonder? Would David volunteer to trade places with one with one of his fellow primates?

      I think not.

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