Cyber Action Monday Week 2: Stop the Flow of Money into UF

Negotiation is Over - Florida

The University of Florida Gators Clubs around the world support and fund animal torture at UF. Primates are imprisoned in their labs, poisoned, sickened, and killed when alternatives are avaialble. Among 1000s of other animals, more than 200 are forced to endure painful experiments without anesthesia. In addition to UF being unresponsive for over a year about apparently-fraudulent grants, a formal NIO lawsuit against UF is now pending to compel disclosure of public primate vivisection records. We must stop their money flow NOW to save lives!

There are 100 Gator Clubs around the world whose members are UF alumni and friends. They all need to know the truth about what their money funds! Sponsoring a sports team is fine, but until UF bans animal testing all club members are sponsoring the heinous suffering in UF labs when alternatives are available. This week we target the second-largest club – Tampa Gators.

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Please click HERE for sample letter to send to this email block:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Please click HERE for sample letter to send to this email block:,,,, ,,,,,,,



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  1. Filipe Figueiredo says:

    Much more than a integrety its a problem a mentality. If for most of men the other feelings are a secondary plan, why you need to consider the rights animal for your personnal objectives? I agree we can try to explain the painful exist in a several forms in all living being.
    Only we changed the priorities of life and the respect for all, and putted the financial resources as a value of subsistence we can believe in our future… we can have some hope in survival.
    Based in the respect and justice for all we can use the same power in the same circunstance as we have to make a difference. To avoid what we have been made all life to the others can’t defense the same way. I can use the power of race to change…
    I believe only we could shows the respect for all the rights we can acept work in the same direction and in same road.

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