Cyber Action Monday: Stop the Flow of Money to UF – Week 7

Negotiation is Over - Florida

This week’s target is the Windy City Gator Club. This Chicago club boasts 4200 Gators in Chicago. That’s $210,000 per year, just from paying basic dues, going straight into UF’s prison camp coffers. There’s no telling how much more comes from donations or lifetime memberships from Windy City Gator Club members. We need to make this week the most productive UF Gator Club action so far to stop this flow of money. Tell them to stop paying dues and donating until UF bans animal testing!

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SAMPLE LETTER (key words in this letter will be continually altered to avoid spam filters that have been put in place.)

Dear Gator,

Anim*l rights act*vists in Gainesville have won their case against UF and are now in receipt of thousands of records documenting the egregious suffering that m*nkeys endure in their l*bs.

The first records for M*nkey 2A4 are available online.

Many people are unaware of the h*rrific experim*nts to which the University of Florida subjects s*ntient prim*tes. It is the responsibility of every person who supports UF to hold this institution accountable.

There are non-anim*l altern*tives available, but they make it much more difficult to secure millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants that are specifically earmarked for “inv*sive” and “p*inful” anim*l tests. Negoti*tion Is Over and other anim*l rights activists have been working for over a year to expose the truth.

Testing on innocent restr*ined anim*ls is scientific fraud!

Here’s an example of the myriad of technologically-advanced altern*tives from the Oxford Journal:

“In 2007 researchers developed an in silico model of tuberculosis to aid in drug discovery with a prime benefit cited as being faster than real time simulated growth rates allowing phenomena of interest to be observed in minutes rather than months, injuring no anim*ls. Explorative modeling has proven to be a viable approach for the development of new hypotheses and has aided the prediction of previously undiscovered mechanisms.”

I strongly urge you to consider withdrawing your support until UF chooses to adopt a policy consistent with a commitment to progressive science and respect for all anim*ls. Please persuade UF to operate with integrity and formally ban prim*te testing.


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