5 comments on “Free the Monkeys at UF! Cyber Action 4: Contact Florida Senator Charlie Dean Today

  1. Indeed, they are psychopaths and monsters. But this latest move to thwart Eleventh Hour’s campaign should send a signal to all of us that our efforts are affepcting them. Please continue participating in our cyber actions and rest assured that by doing so, you are the most powerful and effective voice the animals inside UF have.

    And please continue to repost widely.

    Thanks for all you do.

  2. … good point on the edgyness of the institution. just as the newest of Ag-Gag “rulings” come about – @ yes i did the message to the man – & asked th@ he follow his conscience, as doubtful as th@ may be. thanks & more positive power to all who stand & speak ^ UP ^ for our animal friends – after all they do not have the “human” language nor the respect of & by many humans.

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