Free the Monkeys at UF! Cyber Action 4: Contact Florida Senator Charlie Dean Today

Negotiation is Over - Florida


In their ongoing efforts to hide their crimes against animals from the taxpaying public, the University of Florida has enlisted Republican Charles S. Dean of  Florida Senate to lobby for their corrupt interests before the Florida Senate. And the Florida Legislature is scheduled to rewrite the laws to accommodate UF early this summer. Activists have successfully sued the university twice to disclose public information about their taxpayer funded experiments. Based upon those documents, Eleventh Hour filed a federal complaint against UF and principle investigator Stephen Roberts for incompetence and negligence. Now UF wants the Florida Legislature to exempt the names of researchers from public records so that taxpayers will have no way of determining who is abusing our tax dollars and we will, therefore, have no recourse going forward. We must raise our voices and leverage our votes against the culture of corruption inside the University of Florida and contact Senator Charles S. Dean TODAY!

1. Copy the letter below.

2. Click THIS LINK , choose “Email this Senator” then paste the letter into the form.

Dear Senator Dean:

I’m writing today in hopes that you will reconsider your project of adding an exemption to current open records laws.  Please consider the following information concerning taxpayers’ money.

It is my understanding that you are currently lobbying the Florida Legislature to add on exemption to current open records laws that would disallow the public from knowing who is conducting experiments with our money. The guise under which UF is asking for this exemption is the outrageous and unsubstantiated claim that their researchers should remain anonymous for their safety and that there is no public benefit in knowing their identities. On the contrary, the University of Florida wants to protect their researchers from federal complaints arising from the misuse of our tax dollars.

Over the past three and a half years, the University of Florida has shamelessly manipulated the laws and actively defied Florida Sunshine Laws for a total of 29 months until a court of law compelled them to turn over public records of their taxpayer-funded experiments to taxpayers. They have not only been the subject of three separate lawsuits, all successfully filed by community members, but they are also the subject of a federal complaint citing systemic incompetence and negligence relating to experiments conducted by principle investigator Stephen Roberts.

While UF has been claiming that their researchers have been the subject of threats for over three years, the fact is that not a single threat has ever been brought into a court of law or proven with any degree of credibility whatsoever. What has been proven in court is that activists have been relentlessly harrassed by the police at UF’s insistence, they have been the subject of false arrests, malicious prosecutions, and gratuitous raids on their homes. All of these concerted efforts have been for the single purpose of distracting attention from their taxpayer-funded endeavors and to cover up what they are hiding.

Now UF has enlisted you to help them further blacken transparency so they may continue to abuse tax dollars with little to no accountability. Please take a stand for the taxpayers of this country as well as your voting constituency and discontinue your efforts to help them hide the truth from the public.



5 Responses

  1. Daniele Halle says:

    They are a bunch of psychopath like the hunters, killers of innocents animals, it make me sick

  2. Daniele Halle says:

    Could not email, I live in Canada

  3. carol says:

    very sick monsters!

  4. Eleventh Hour says:

    Indeed, they are psychopaths and monsters. But this latest move to thwart Eleventh Hour’s campaign should send a signal to all of us that our efforts are affepcting them. Please continue participating in our cyber actions and rest assured that by doing so, you are the most powerful and effective voice the animals inside UF have.

    And please continue to repost widely.

    Thanks for all you do.

  5. otis henry says:

    … good point on the edgyness of the institution. just as the newest of Ag-Gag “rulings” come about – @ yes i did the message to the man – & asked th@ he follow his conscience, as doubtful as th@ may be. thanks & more positive power to all who stand & speak ^ UP ^ for our animal friends – after all they do not have the “human” language nor the respect of & by many humans.

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