Community-Student Protest to Free the UF Monkeys for World Lab Animal Week

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Free the UF Monkeys!

Free the UF Monkeys!

Sunday, April 20 from 12 to 1:30 pm

University of Florida
15 NW 13th Street
(corner of West University Avenue & NW 13th Street)
GAINESVILLE, Florida 32611


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Eleventh Hour for Animals is committed to building a community-based coalition in Gainesville to challenge and expose the animal experimentation industry inside the University of Florida, get the monkeys released to sanctuaries, and shut down their primate experimentation program for good.

Toward this end, together with several students, we have chosen World Lab Animal Week to begin working in an informal alliance going forward. Several members of UF’s “Student Animal Alliance” & members of “Eleventh Hour for Animals” are looking forward to standing together in our first peaceful protest to Free the UF Monkeys.

According to UF’s own lab techs, there are approximately 10,000 animals enslaved in their laboratories on any given day. Some of the monkeys were kidnapped from their homes in the wild up to two decades ago and have been subjected to horrifying lives of torture and misery ever since. Activists have successfully sued the University of Florida three times in as many years to compel disclosure of public information about their nonhuman primate program. They have fought us every step of the way to keep their atrocities hidden from public scrutiny, even having gone to the Florida Legislature to change the laws in this state twice to blacken all transparency. Thus far, three federal complaints have been filed with the USDA citing incompetence, negligence, and a culture of corruption surrounding their nonhuman primate program.

We look forward to going forward together to Free the UF Monkeys.

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  1. otis henry says:

    … encouraginly adding to the force for good – good riddence to vivi(terror). good to see the surviving monkeys – in the sunshine – shaded by a favored oak or palm. good to see citizenry speakin ‘n’ standin for the creatures – bad – dept of ag – bad nih – horses rats mice sheep goats cows, who knows, maYbe even some bats – ya never quite know what a viviperp ‘ll decide on as a … well enough – good to have the spotlight expanding upon the peoples’ consciousness ! it is said th@ a university is known for its’ lowest deed – well … maYbe th@ is why the placard up in n y – said – U F – F U.

  2. Patty Rivers says:

    Go ahead and turn them loose so you can spread disease around. Those Macaques would have a field day biting innocent people. Maybe it would be you. Testing on monkeys is how we learn to control diseases. If they save a human life just think it could be yours. If I was the UF I would get rid of all the people that took these pictures because they are nothing but animal rights idiots and don’t need to be working there

    • Parasitic Patty Rivers,

      How nice of you to show up. I only regret that I wasn’t able to get to the protest of your diseased animal-abusing family yesterday. And trust me, Patty, “peaceful protests” are not what I gravitate toward. I much more prefer disruptive, in-your-face, confrontational exchanges with mercenary sadists.

      And, furthermore, dear, were I to liberate the monkeys from inside UF, you and your scum-sucking husband Tim and your miscreant children are the first humans I would hope they would bite and wipe off the planet. But I wouldn’t let them anywhere near you because I would hate for you to infect them.

      Are we clear? And is there anything else you’d like to offer?

      By the way, unfortunately for you, I am about 30 minutes away from you as are my colleagues. Eleventh Hour is a VERY toned-down site and you really have no need to show up here again. You will be getting exclusive coverage on my real site, Negotiation Is Over:

      Camille A. Marino

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