3 comments on “Community-Student Protest to Free the UF Monkeys for World Lab Animal Week

  1. … encouraginly adding to the force for good – good riddence to vivi(terror). good to see the surviving monkeys – in the sunshine – shaded by a favored oak or palm. good to see citizenry speakin ‘n’ standin for the creatures – bad – dept of ag – bad nih – horses rats mice sheep goats cows, who knows, maYbe even some bats – ya never quite know what a viviperp ‘ll decide on as a … well enough – good to have the spotlight expanding upon the peoples’ consciousness ! it is said th@ a university is known for its’ lowest deed – well … maYbe th@ is why the placard up in n y – said – U F – F U.

  2. Go ahead and turn them loose so you can spread disease around. Those Macaques would have a field day biting innocent people. Maybe it would be you. Testing on monkeys is how we learn to control diseases. If they save a human life just think it could be yours. If I was the UF I would get rid of all the people that took these pictures because they are nothing but animal rights idiots and don’t need to be working there

    • Parasitic Patty Rivers,

      How nice of you to show up. I only regret that I wasn’t able to get to the protest of your diseased animal-abusing family yesterday. And trust me, Patty, “peaceful protests” are not what I gravitate toward. I much more prefer disruptive, in-your-face, confrontational exchanges with mercenary sadists.

      And, furthermore, dear, were I to liberate the monkeys from inside UF, you and your scum-sucking husband Tim and your miscreant children are the first humans I would hope they would bite and wipe off the planet. But I wouldn’t let them anywhere near you because I would hate for you to infect them.

      Are we clear? And is there anything else you’d like to offer?

      By the way, unfortunately for you, I am about 30 minutes away from you as are my colleagues. Eleventh Hour is a VERY toned-down site and you really have no need to show up here again. You will be getting exclusive coverage on my real site, Negotiation Is Over: http://www.negotiationisover.net/

      Camille A. Marino

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