Negotiation is Over - Florida

The Eleventh Hour for Animals Collective is composed of vegan activists bringing together their unique talents and tools in pursuit of a common vision: to disrupt, subvert, compromise, and eliminate the vivisection industry inside the University of Florida.

Camille Marino, Founder & Chief Strategist, is an author and former political prisoner. The first commandment of her activism is that all abusers have a name, an address, and a family. When one chooses to harm a nonhuman animal, they forfeit all rights and expectations to peace or anonymity.

Anonymous, Director of Strategic Operations in Gainesville, is most comfortable gathering data in plain sight. They are a strong advocate of dismantling the structures of oppression that keep all animals (human and nonhuman) enslaved. They easily navigate within campus and anarchist groups.

Shelia Levine, Director of Domestic Operations, brings decades of experience with recording techniques to the collective. By researching and documenting local breeders, she’s developed insight into the web of abusers that comprise the infrastructure. Sheila has little patience for mainstream mediocrity and believes that Animal Liberation will not be achieved by politely asking mercenaries to reform.


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