COAV Demands a Moritorium on NIH Funding at UF Pending Comprehensive Audit

Negotiation is Over - Florida

With campaigning for the 2012 elections beginning in earnest this summer, it’s time to introduce a new tactic to anti-viv campaigning.

We believe we’ve laid a solid and cohesive foundation upon which to hold our elected officials responsible for the systemic abuses inherent in NIH funding protocols. We intend to identify every politician who fails to champion taxpayer interests, publicly “name & shame” them, and hold them accountable.

The Florida legislature is currently in session through May 6 and the Coalition of American Voters (COAV) will engage each elected official on issues surrounding taxpayer exploitation.

Our Demands

I. COAV Demands a Moratorium on All NIH Awards to The University of Florida Pending a Comprehensive Audit, Investigation, and Public Report on Findings

II. COAV Demands that NIH Grant – Project Number: R01MH079388 – Awarded to Dr. Mingzhou Ding be immediately revoked and all future installments terminated

III. COAV Demands that the University of Florida reimburse taxpayers in excess of $1,00,000 with which they have been unjustly enriched thus far over the life of NIH Grant – Project Number: R01MH079388

COAV’s comprehensive statement citing systemic abuses of federal funds at the University of Florida may be viewed HERE.

Addressees in the Florida legislature may be viewed HERE.

To join COAV and stand behind our demands, please click HERE.

2 Responses

  1. michele says:

    Has UF replied at all since the demands ?

  2. nioflorida says:

    We have nothing to discuss with UF.

    As of March 17, the Coalition of American Voters (COAV) has submitted its initial Statement of Demands to members of the Senate Committee on Higher Education, the Senate Budget Subcommittee on Higher Education Appropriations, the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee, the Joint Legislative Budget Commission, and the House Federal Affairs Subcommittee.

    We will be publishing every response from every elected official as they are received.

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