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Negotiation is Over - Florida

NIO Exposes Ding’s Fraudulent Grants, MILLION$ Cut Off from UF Vivisection Labs

While we are still reconciling everything that has transpired over the past several years, it is clear today that NIO Florida (now Eleventh Hour for Animals) has had a considerable impact on UF’s ability to rape taxpayers and quietly get rich off the blood and screams of their nonhuman victims. And rather than engage any…
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Sunday, March 16: University City Church of Christ – Protest UF’s Monkey Torture Business

Sunday March 16 at 9:30 – 11 am 4626 NW 8th Avenue Gainesville, FL 32605 In the summer of 2012, the University City Church of Christ in Gainseville was given the option of taking an active stand against against taxpayer-funded animal abuse or, by virtue of their silence, giving their tacit approval to UF’s unconscionable…
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UF orders a Media Blackout in Gainesville to Cover Up Their Crimes Against Animals

by Camille A. Marino It’s official! The University of Florida is going for an all-out media blackout to keep their crimes hidden from the community in Gainesville.

March 1 Protest Attracts TV crews, vivisectors, supporters and detractors

With UF’s championship basketball team scheduled to start playing at 4 pm this afternoon, our protestors were strategically placed on four corners of an intersection with very heavy foot and motor vehicle traffic. One newspaper took some pictures and were given a flyer as they were stopped at a light and we had a chance…
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Former Gator Supporter Joins Efforts to Free the UF Monkeys


Calvin (CX99) – Alive & Enslaved inside UF, His Blood Making His Captors Rich

The long-tailed macaque is native to the jungles of Southeast Asia. But, unless we get him out, Calvin will never know freedom, never climb a tree, and never feel the sun warm his little body. Assigned Holocaust No. CX99, Calvin was born into captivity at the notorious Alpha Genesis on June 1, 2003 and sold…
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Activists United: In the Eleventh Hour, UF under fire for Monkey Torture

by Camille Marino It was a tremendous week for the monkeys being tortured inside UF. And, working together, it’ll be a day to celebrate when they’re finally released!

Breaking: Fed’l Complaint Cites Negligence & Corruption in UF/Michael J. Fox Monkey Study

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FEBRUARY 14, 2014 COMPLAINT CITES CORRUPTION AND NEGLIGENCE IN UF MONKEY LABS Moments ago, Eleventh Hour for Animals filed a second federal complaint with the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act citing a culture of corruption inside the University of Florida and a companion culture of negligence that…
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Update: Michael J. Fox Foundation Remains Complicit in UF Monkey Torture

Everyone associated with this campaign has nothing but love, admiration, and sympathy for Michael J. Fox. We wanted to believe that he was unaware of the horrors he was funding inside the University of Florida. And we want nothing more than for him to be whole and well, but not at the expense of the…
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