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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Gators Game Demo to Expose Primate Torture

Saturday, November 20 · 10:00am – 12:00pmCorner of W. University and NW 13th StreetGainesville, Florida THIS EVENT IS TEMPORARILY POSTPONED.

Here’s your money, let’s see the records of UF’s atrocities against primates

Pursuant to a freedom on information request filed with the University of Florida, we have now fulfilled our financial obligation and anxiously await the documentation of the atrocities taking place within these hallowed halls or horror…

The Extreme Sociopathy of Marco Salemi

Assistant Professional Professor of Violence, Heartless & Sociopaty: Medicine, Department of Pathology Phone: (352) 273-9567Email: Home 2721 NW 10th Court Apartment 2 Gainesville, FL 32606-5161 This sadistic aberration is awarded over $700,000 annually (through 2010) in tax money to infect dozens of imprisoned macaque monkeys with neuroAIDS, a designer-strain of the AIDS virus that…
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Happy Halloween Mercenaries & Terrorists

  Animal Tormentor Ding’s house — where he was imprisoned today — is in the background behind the watchful gaze of this officer of the law. He had his laptop open in his vehicle and we believe he was reading Negotiation is Over!  by NIO Florida We had an amazing afternoon connecting with Mercenary Mingzhou…
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UF Exposed: Blood-Money Terrorists

For everyone in Gainesville logging in to see what “” is about… We had a great time this morning talking to all the punks, nihilists, anarchists, liberals, radicals and assorted vegans & freaks who are in Gainesville for a punk/metal festival. Many in this crowd were incensed and outraged to learn about the mercenaries inside…
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Request for Information on Your Captive Primates

UPDATE Subject: Public Records RequestFrom: “Sikes, Janine” (jysikes@UFL.EDU)Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2010 3:02 pmTo: “” ( Dear Ms. Marino: Your public records request was forwarded to me. I will work with the appropriate departments to obtain the records you seek. Should there be any costs associated with producing these records, we will provide you with…
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Dear Janine Sikes: When May I Take the Actual Photos?

Subject: Request to Visit and Photograph the UF Animal FacilitiesFrom: “Camille Marino” ( Sun, Oct 17, 2010 3:45 pmTo: “Janine Sikes, UF Public Relations Director” ( Dear Ms. Sykes: Although we’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting in person, I’m already getting bored with having to contextualize the misstatements and half-truths you seem quite…
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Halloween Havoc

Friday, October 29: 12 pm – 2 pm Plaza of the Americas in the Heart of the UF Campus We identify sympathizers within the student body, we engage them, embrace them, befriend them. We invite them to join our campaign — becoming our eyes and ears inside the blood stained university. And we invite them…
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UF Would Have Defended Nazis If It Filled Their Coffers!

by Camille Marino Last week I reported that University of Florida re$earcher Mingzhou Ding is the person who actually mutilates monkeys. But I was wrong. He does not carve up the bodies of live animals; his co-conspirators do it for him. He is simply the Primary Investigator (PI) who garners over a quarter million dollars…
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