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Negotiation is Over - Florida

NIO Florida Exclusive: Horrific pictures from Inside UF’s Monkey Labs

In October of 2010, the University of Florida refused to comply with Florida State statues and provide the public with documentation about their primate experiments. In December of 2011, activists won a lawsuit against the University of Florida in Alachua Circuit Court. Judge Martha Ann Lott ordered veterinary records to be released. The Judge failed,…
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First Victory of 2012: NIO Wins Lawsuit Against the University of Florida

by Camille Marino The University of Florida has refused to disclose public records documenting their experiments on primates since our request was initiated in October 2010. In response to a subsequent formal lawsuit that we filed, on Decmber 30, 2011, the Court ruled that the university must hand over the records to us by 4:22…
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Letter from Inside UF: Janine Sikes Warns Alumni of Anti-Vivisection Extremists

by NIO Florida In response to the systematic blackening of all transparency in conjunction with a stonewall of silence constructed by the animal-murdering administration at the University of Florida over the last year and a half, we decided that it is time to take the facts directly to the global network of their Alumni Association……
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UF ordered to provide records or explain reason

Update: As of December 1, UF has officially defied a court order to turn over records documenting experiments on primates performed in their labs. by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun) A Gainesville judge has ordered the University of Florida to comply with an animal rights activist’s public records request or explain its reason for withholding the…
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Animal rights activist sues UF over public records

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun) An animal rights activist has sued the University of Florida for denying a public records request for information on research involving primates. Camille Marino, a Wildwood-based activist with the group Negotiation is Over, sued the university last week in an Alachua County circuit court. She made a request last fall…
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UF Denies Public Information Request

by Camille Marino In accordance with Florida state “sunshine laws,” on October 22, I submitted a public information request to the University of Florida concerning 33 nonhuman primates imprisoned in their labs. They responded with a breakdown of the records and costs involved and payment was promptly remitted. Nearly two months after this exercise began,…
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