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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Gemini the Beagle: Dissected Alive inside the University of Florida

Gemini, holocaust number 11F22, is a female beagle/maltese that was born into slavery inside UF on June 15, 2011. At her birth, her vet records indicate she was strong and healthy. At the direction of vivisector Thomas J. Conlon, Gemini began being drugged as a puppy to induce Glycogen Storage Disease which, according to their…
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Federal Complaint Filed: Shut down UF’s Primate Labs for repeated violations of state & federal law

Last week Eleventh Hour for Animals introduced “Booger,” a victim inside the University of Florida who was contaminated with German Measles from the day he was purchased from the now-defunct Primate Products in Miami. Never treated for this condition, he has steadily deteriorated, exhibiting increasing indications that he is descending into madness, his body compromised…
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Marco Salemi – $MILLIONS of Monkeys Unaccounted for Inside University of Florida

by Camille A. Marino Almost every single time I learn something new, it only serves to highlight how much more I still have to learn. This is especially true when it comes to the obscured and intentionally-convoluted animal torture industry inside the University of Florida for which taxpayers award them approximately $400 million annually.

UF orders a Media Blackout in Gainesville to Cover Up Their Crimes Against Animals

by Camille A. Marino It’s official! The University of Florida is going for an all-out media blackout to keep their crimes hidden from the community in Gainesville.

Breaking: UF hit with third lawsuit from activists

Eleventh Hour  filed a federal complaint citing systemic incompetence among the “medical researchers” abusing primates inside the University of Florida days ago on December 24. On the heels of that indictment from activists, we filed a third lawsuit in the courts against the University of Florida for suppressing public records documenting the extent of their…
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The UF Lawsuit Victory: Coming Full Circle

By Camille Marino Dickerson Detention Facility February 27, 2013 In October 2010, my open records request to the University of Florida for veterinary records on 33 captive non-human primates was denied.  UF remained in non-compliance with Florida statutes for 18 months until I won my lawsuit against them on December 30, 2011. Within days, I…
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Second NIO Victory: UF Must Disclose Locations of Animals in Vivisection Labs

In October 2010, the University of Florida refused to comply with my oen records request for veterinary records on 33 non-human primates.  They remained in non-compliance with Florida statutes for 18 months until I won my lawsuit, Camille Marino v. University of Florida, on December 30, 2011. On January 5, 2012, I received thousands of papers…
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Activist goes to court trying to find location of UF animal labs

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun) After winning one legal battle with the University of Florida over public records, animal rights activist Camille Marino is now fighting to find out the location of animal research labs — information that she insists won’t put researchers in danger. Her assertion is at odds with sometimes violent rhetoric on…
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Breaking: Motion to Compel UF to Disclose Physical Location of Primates Just Filed

[ by Camille Marino On December 30, 2011, I won a lawsuit against the University of Florida in which the Eighth Circuit Court ordered them to turn over their veterinary records to me. The ruling fell short, however, of ordering UF to disclose the location of their imprisoned monkeys. While I am back in court…
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