Calvin (CX99) – Alive & Enslaved inside UF, His Blood Making His Captors Rich

Negotiation is Over - Florida

image of imprisoned monkey inside uf's dungeon

enslaved monkey peersout hopelessly from his prison cell inside the bowels of the university of florida

The long-tailed macaque is native to the jungles of Southeast Asia. But, unless we get him out, Calvin will never know freedom, never climb a tree, and never feel the sun warm his little body. Assigned Holocaust No. CX99, Calvin was born into captivity at the notorious Alpha Genesis on June 1, 2003 and sold into slavery at the University of Florida on February 25, 2008.

At the order of Vivisector Stephen Roberts‘ who enjoys lining his pockets with blood money, Calvin’s life has been a relentless series of being dragged from his cage with a pole and collar and strapped down helplessly into a restraint chair. At that point Roberts’ co-conspirators ram a tube down little Calvin’s throat to repeatedly forcefeed him both arsenic-laced dirt as well as heavy metals to poison him.

pole and collar

As is stated in the vivisector’s business plans for this little macaque and five of his brothers (CX7W, CX7X, CX9X, CX9L, DK86), it would be “unethical” to force feed arsenic-laced dirt to children, although the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is allegedly concerned about how much arsenic-laced dirt might poison children in the playgrounds they have already built. And, as far as force feeding little Calvin heavy metals, this is simply a project that will allow marketers to sell colloidal silver to the public and espouse benefits other than those from which they already profit. Science, my friends? Medical research? This is pure wonton capitalism run amuck!

And we have news for the University of Florida, Stephen Roberts, and all of the hench people who mercilessly torture Calvin and his cellmates for profit, it is still unethical!!! And you are all war criminals!

Perhaps the best part of little Calvin’s life is when he is alone in his cell, temporarily safe from the humans who torment him. He is only a little machine to them, routinely extracting fecal samples from his cage and siphoning blood from his body to assess the effects of their torture regimens. His vet records illustrate that he must be housed in isolation because of fighting and injuries every time they gave him a cellmate. As we see over and over again with all of the imprisoned monkeys, Calvin is repeatedly found with injuries and blood in his cage, is repeatedly knocked down with increasing doses of tranquilizers and turned into a drug addict, is anesthetized, undergoes surgeries, and is stripped of all dignity as he is regularly injected, pricked, prodded, and molested at the hands of sadists.

The good news is that the arsenic regimen that began in 2012 is scheduled to end on February 16, 2015 and the heavy metal regimen is scheduled to end on January 30, 2016. At this point, Calvin, along with the other five subjects in these dual studies, will have served their useful purpose for UF and will be sold. Therefore, now is the time to escalate our on-the-ground and online efforts to pressure UF to halt these taxpayer-funded atrocities and release these 6 macaques to sanctuaries today.

We are all Calvin!


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