5 comments on “Bucky’s “strictly regulated” torment inside the University of Florida

  1. It is horrifying and appalling that this is allowed to go on. Instead of adopting alternate methods this torture continues. Is this what these universities wish to be remembered by? Are they not the custodians of our doctors and professionals of tomorrow to make this world a better place? Is not the United States the modern cradle of democracy and rights also for those with no voice? Shame! I am certain that alumni, students, and donating bodies will be shunned by their behavior and if not, certainly conscientious parents will think twice before even considering these universites for their children.

  2. I can’t believe in this day and age this continues. Please don’t try to sell on the crap that it is needed. BS!!

    • it continues because uf used to be very effective at hiding their crimes from the public. but eleventh hour has put an end to their nonsense and, with everyone’s help, we’re going to shut them down once and for all!

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