Breaking: UF Withholds Video of Maimed Horses for 8 Months, Violates Law AGAIN!!!!

Negotiation is Over - Florida

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Eleventh Hour for Animals has sued the University of Florida three times in as many years to compel disclosure of public records documenting their $400-million-a-year, taxpayer-funded vivisection industry. We won twice. In late 2013, they conceded out of court the day after our third suit was filed. And now in 2014, UF is once again thumbing its nose at Florida State laws. Since January, they have intentionally and deliberately withheld video of the horses they maim. By the late spring, we were able to prove that the previously-requested video exists of vivisectors breaking horses’ legs and recording the progression of lameness as their victims are forced to run on treadmills. While discussions with our own lawyer is privileged, we are now disclosing 8 months of private emails that document UF’s flagrant violation of the law.








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