Breaking : UF Unlawfully Withholds Records, Eleventh Hour Sues AGAIN!

Negotiation is Over - Florida


Press Release
For Immediate Release
June 15, 2015

The University of Florida is once again unlawfully withholding records and images documenting the unmitigated horrors to which they subject animals for profit. And Eleventh Hour is once again dragging them back into court to gain access to their hellish labs. In this latest battle in a five year war between the two entities, the University contends that experiments in which they are blinding untold numbers of mice in addition to dogs and ultimately non-human primates, are exempt from public disclosure according to section 1004.22, Florida Statutes. This law protects trade secrets and other proprietary information. Eleventh Hour contends that millions of taxpayers dollars are being applied for and awarded to certain vivisectors who’s atrocities are therefore fully within the public domain.

Attorney Marcy I. LaHart filed a six page lawsuit in The Circuit Court of The Eighth Judicial Circuit  Alachua County, Florida on Friday June 12th, 2015 on behalf of Eleventh Hour For Animals’ Senior Lab Investigator Karen Kline. Ms. LaHart demonstrates that UF is flagrantly ignoring the law, withholding public records from this activist group, and calls for an immediate hearing.

Ms Kline stated on Friday, “We have repeatedly documented the breathtaking culture of corruption inside the University of Florida. And Eleventh Hour has zero interest in negotiating vivisectors’ fraudulent and offensive “welfare ” regulations. We will continue to prove to the community that their entire animal slavery enterprise is a violation of conscience. This is the sole reason that UF is willing to repeatedly violate the law to keep this information from us. We are all anxious to resume our outreach efforts in Gainesville in August.”

In 2010 University of Florida decided that they would provide animal experimentation records only to those parties use them to who perpetuate welfarist propaganda. Eleventh Hour clearly fell outside of this mutually beneficial vivisector-welfarist relationship. In December 2011 Eleventh Hour founder Camille Marino won the groups first lawsuit securing proof of the terrified and brutalized monkeys languished in their laps. Five weeks later UF has Ms. Marino arrested at a protest and financed her extradition out of the state. In February 2013, Ms. Marino won a precedent setting appeal in which the locations of the caged animals was ruled public information. In December 2013, Ms. Kline was forced to file yet another lawsuit for their refusal to furnish Eleventh Hour with details of their cat experiments. UF promptly conceded to Ms. Kline out of court. In between, UF had the Florida legislature re-write state statutes twice: the law was changed to insulate and shield their vivisectors from being identified; and in order to criminalize publicly exposing their vivisectors they had existing stalking laws amended to ensnare activists.

As Ms. Kline observes, a disturbing pattern emerges “It is overwhelmingly obvious that where their nearly half billion dollar a year animal slavery industry is concerned, the University of Florida has no regard for the law or even for simple decency. They will manipulate statutes that suit them, re-write others to criminalize dissent, and simply ignore the laws they find inconvenient.”

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  1. otis henry says:

    … ok. the continuum re engaged. august in g – ville ! yes ! thanks 11th hr & n i o.

    • the continuum was never disengaged, unfortunately while UF drags their heels to avoid public disclosure, we must wait until enough time passes and the next step may be taken. I assure you however our research is continuous …
      Thank you for your support Otis ..

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