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Eleventh Hour  filed a federal complaint citing systemic incompetence among the “medical researchers” abusing primates inside the University of Florida days ago on December 24. On the heels of that indictment from activists, we filed a third lawsuit in the courts against the University of Florida for suppressing public records documenting the extent of their taxpayer-funded atrocities.

On December 26, 2013, attorney Marcy I. LaHart filed the suit on behalf of Eleventh Hour’s Karen Kline. Case No. 2013 CA 005479 has been assigned to Judge Roundtree and we are awaiting a date on the docket. Represented by Ms. LaHart, Camille Marino successfully sued UF twice and took possession of the records that underlie the federal complaint filed earlier this week. Several of our colleagues are expected to be present in Gainesville when this case is heard in 2014.

It took three years of legal battles to secure unredacted records through December 2010 of which we finally took possession in April of 2013. All further requests for current records submitted in strict accordance with Florida statutes have been flagrantly ignored. We know that there are still 25 monkeys in their labs, 19 of whom are being subjected to extreme pain. According to lab techs inside the school, it is estimated that 10,000 animals are being routinely brutalized.

Over the past three years we have documented a rampant culture of corruption inside the University of Florida. They have shamelessly lied and manipulated some laws to crush this campaign, lobbied to change the laws that exist to allow for public scrutiny, and simply ignored the laws they find distasteful. They have shown us in no uncertain terms that what they fear most is exposure. And we are here to provide it in abundance!

We  look forward to shutting down the University of Florida’s nonhuman primate experimentation program once and for all in the new year.

Cyber Action HERE.

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  1. otis henry says:

    … bravo eleventh ! bravo camille ! not to say too much – i say i can see how it takes building (a case & campaign) to alert & motivate the citizenry – the people – other humans. to take the time to focus on something th@ @ first seems distant & foreign & unreal ! yet ! it is real & real lives have been stolen & are @ stake. i can only imagine / assume th@ this very minute brings pain & sorrow & isolation to not only the “primates” – also any # of other sentients (sometimes i find it difficult to include some sorts of human as sentient) ! to try & to accomplish freedom for the creatures is a / one coordinated effort. we need not shoot in the dark. as has been said when “right” is imprisoned – the prisoner is actually the one who imprisons. sometimes / many times, the maddening aspect of bringing justice & restitution Home, is the process. i think it seems th@ the protocol / process has been discovered. as @ the world level – the national level ! the local level must be addressed street by street. person by person – groups by groups. we must Alert the people ! it must be evident & topical for the people to know the truth & the deceit. people must see th@ animals are their concern. th@ big business / big institute – big anybody is not Last Word ! Might does Not make right ! right is compassion & sanity. wrong is greed & cruelty – avarice does not justify one person to say – Oh, i must feed my family, they rely on my income – i have kids to feed – i must continue this “pet project” of mine – * one th@ brings no result of discovering a cure for … one th@ has been tried & tested & found to be Dead End. the term Stolen Lives / Stolen Money is not off the mark here – not a falsehood here. Key word – Ding (employee @ u of f – tho said “Uni” sez oh, the experiments were done not “in house”. speaking of house – let’s look @ the congress – senate & house & the god forsaken – bloody red Farm Bill & if you think this is “boring” you, my friend, are dead wrong. look into it – i dare you – you’ll be lucky to get even a fleckin’ peep out of any elected carpetbagger – Not a Peep ! the amendments (some) are downright anti human & anti animal – even the trees suffer from some of the amendments. well gotta go am drifting away from … Save whoever monkey remains alive – Open the eyes of concerned citizens – Vested interests find devious ways – beware – not to worry about “brain police” for hey … we are within our rights to protest in an orderly fashion th@ which is wrong & corrupt & criminal – do not forget – criminals continue ’cause they think they can get away with the crime – white collar is even more devious & hidden & sponsored. Yet look @ the world today – Lady Liberty’s Torch is a flame & aflame ! greetings & salutations from the scrub of this areas “real florida” – otis & herd.

    • Eleventh Hour says:

      Thank you for your comments and support. We have only just begun to fight and look forward to building a stronger and more cohesive movement going forward. We are the voice of the animals!

      Looking forward to seeing you in Gainesville in the new year, Otis.

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