2 comments on “Breaking: UF hit with third lawsuit from activists

  1. … bravo eleventh ! bravo camille ! not to say too much – i say i can see how it takes building (a case & campaign) to alert & motivate the citizenry – the people – other humans. to take the time to focus on something th@ @ first seems distant & foreign & unreal ! yet ! it is real & real lives have been stolen & are @ stake. i can only imagine / assume th@ this very minute brings pain & sorrow & isolation to not only the “primates” – also any # of other sentients (sometimes i find it difficult to include some sorts of human as sentient) ! to try & to accomplish freedom for the creatures is a / one coordinated effort. we need not shoot in the dark. as has been said when “right” is imprisoned – the prisoner is actually the one who imprisons. sometimes / many times, the maddening aspect of bringing justice & restitution Home, is the process. i think it seems th@ the protocol / process has been discovered. as @ the world level – the national level ! the local level must be addressed street by street. person by person – groups by groups. we must Alert the people ! it must be evident & topical for the people to know the truth & the deceit. people must see th@ animals are their concern. th@ big business / big institute – big anybody is not Last Word ! Might does Not make right ! right is compassion & sanity. wrong is greed & cruelty – avarice does not justify one person to say – Oh, i must feed my family, they rely on my income – i have kids to feed – i must continue this “pet project” of mine – * one th@ brings no result of discovering a cure for … one th@ has been tried & tested & found to be Dead End. the term Stolen Lives / Stolen Money is not off the mark here – not a falsehood here. Key word – Ding (employee @ u of f – tho said “Uni” sez oh, the experiments were done not “in house”. speaking of house – let’s look @ the congress – senate & house & the god forsaken – bloody red Farm Bill & if you think this is “boring” you, my friend, are dead wrong. look into it – i dare you – you’ll be lucky to get even a fleckin’ peep out of any elected carpetbagger – Not a Peep ! the amendments (some) are downright anti human & anti animal – even the trees suffer from some of the amendments. well gotta go am drifting away from … Save whoever monkey remains alive – Open the eyes of concerned citizens – Vested interests find devious ways – beware – not to worry about “brain police” for hey … we are within our rights to protest in an orderly fashion th@ which is wrong & corrupt & criminal – do not forget – criminals continue ’cause they think they can get away with the crime – white collar is even more devious & hidden & sponsored. Yet look @ the world today – Lady Liberty’s Torch is a flame & aflame ! greetings & salutations from the scrub of this areas “real florida” – otis & herd.

    • Thank you for your comments and support. We have only just begun to fight and look forward to building a stronger and more cohesive movement going forward. We are the voice of the animals!

      Looking forward to seeing you in Gainesville in the new year, Otis.

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