Breaking: Motion to Compel UF to Disclose Physical Location of Primates Just Filed

Negotiation is Over - Florida


Image taken by University of Florida vivisectors of mutilation to an imprisoned monkey’s testicles.

by Camille Marino

On December 30, 2011, I won a lawsuit against the University of Florida in which the Eighth Circuit Court ordered them to turn over their veterinary records to me. The ruling fell short, however, of ordering UF to disclose the location of their imprisoned monkeys.

While I am back in court in Detroit this Friday to argue the constitutionality of the 10 years of felony charges against me for what amounts to “criminal journalism,” I fully intend to use every available legal remedy to expose the real criminals and terrorists that comprise the vivisection complex. We just filed our brief to compel UF to disclose the location in the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Alachua to compel UF to disclose the physical location of their primates.

I intend to set a precendent in this movement to counter the assault on our freedoms. We can penetrate universities legally and get the documentation and pictures of their crimes, the public registries of their donors, and now I want the location of their prisoners. I hope every university campaign will follow suit and take a sledgehammer to the wall of secrecy.

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