7 comments on “BREAKING: Fraud/Incompetence cited in puppy torture experiments in UF

  1. Why is the SPCA of Florida not doing something about this. If you have people in these schools doing this to animals, I don’t think you want this type of person let loose in Public. Sounds like there is some very sick people working in these programs.

    • the problem is that this is all legal.

      the laws are written by the industry to legalize and regulate all forms of animal torture in the name of “science” and the state then enforces those industry-driven laws

      if you or i did in our living rooms what these sociopaths do inside a laboratory, we would be locked up for life in an instutition for the criminally insane.

      the law won’t help us. we need to get outraged, expose these criminals, and publicly name and shame them no differently than we do to other abhorrent criminals like pedophiles.

      please share widely

      • Even if it weren’t illegal, they would do it any way. One can only imagine what these franks do in their basements behind closed doors.

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