BREAKING: Fraud/Incompetence cited in puppy torture experiments in UF

Negotiation is Over - Florida

ginger: september 12, 2010 - april 3, 2012

ginger: september 12, 2010 – april 3, 2012

June 16, 2014

Eleventh Hour for Animals filed a federal complaint with the USDA this morning citing “fraudulent science” as well as  “incompetence” and “negligence” inside the University of Florida in the treatment of a beagle/maltese puppy named Ginger. The complaint calls for the USDA to fully inspect, on an urgent basis, the conditions under which another 37 dogs are being kept and to “ensure that they do not fall victim to the systemic incompetence that has been documented inside UF’s primate labs and appears to be running rampant in the canine labs as well.”

Under this protocol, which may be viewed HERE, Glycogen Storage Disease is induced in puppies who will then be murdered at intervals ranging from 6 months to 5 years. It also appears that this was a gene transfer study where they would transfer genes using viruses. At less than 2 months old, according to her veterinary records that may be viewed HERE, her body was already limp, she couldn’t stand and her head was tilted. The following month, Ginger is “unresponsive after episode of vomiting.” By February of 2011 she is vomiting in her sleep and, again, is “unresponsive.”

As this puppy was made to endure this agony repeatedly for over another full year, and given my contention that this is neither “scientifically-valuable” nor “research,” this is a clear violation of the federal Animal Welfare Act. In addition, in her necropsy report, Ginger is documented to have had water on the lungs, water on the brain, cirrhosis of the liver, a whole host of additional organ damage, and “vocal severe adhesions of the liver and stomach,” indicating that these dogs are in the hands of grossly-incompetent vivisectors, led by Thomas Conlon, and that there is a pervasive atmosphere of negligence underlying this unconscionable profit-motivated animal torture.

Every decent human being must be outraged by these crimes against animals and the $400 million annual animal torture industry inside the University of Florida needs to be shut down once and for all.

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  1. Ann Crosby says:

    This is so disgusting that I cannot even grapple with it. This is barbaric and MUST END!!

  2. John says:

    Why is the SPCA of Florida not doing something about this. If you have people in these schools doing this to animals, I don’t think you want this type of person let loose in Public. Sounds like there is some very sick people working in these programs.

    • the problem is that this is all legal.

      the laws are written by the industry to legalize and regulate all forms of animal torture in the name of “science” and the state then enforces those industry-driven laws

      if you or i did in our living rooms what these sociopaths do inside a laboratory, we would be locked up for life in an instutition for the criminally insane.

      the law won’t help us. we need to get outraged, expose these criminals, and publicly name and shame them no differently than we do to other abhorrent criminals like pedophiles.

      please share widely

      • David A. Hereaux says:

        Even if it weren’t illegal, they would do it any way. One can only imagine what these franks do in their basements behind closed doors.

  3. Barb says:


  4. David A. Hereaux says:

    Franks are some of the most cruel of the human virus, just ask the Jews. The human virus is worse than AIDS.

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