4 comments on “Breaking: Fed’l Complaint Cites Negligence & Corruption in UF/Michael J. Fox Monkey Study

  1. … “have you ever” seen how justification enters in to the conversation. how speciesism enters in. how is it th@ when blood is shed, then appears justification. Oh, we must continue dah dah dah … continue no matter. we are not able or willing to admit – we do not know what to do next. Oh, a bomb drops in hiroshima one in nagasaki. here are some words th@ i personally need to be aware of watch out for – self justification – ego – one upmanship – insecurity – // –

  2. Continue to rescue as many animals as you can and give those animal abusers as much trouble as possible. Bless all those actively keeping these stories of animal abuse in the headlines and visible. Again, if there is nothing to hide, why don’t they just let us inside?

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