Boycott UF – Phase II

Negotiation is Over - Florida

by NIO Florida

Over 16,000+ people have signed our Boycott the University of Florida petition, but we are petitioning no one for anything nor will we beg for crumbs. This was simply an instrument to mobilize our community and now we are ready to move to Phase II.

We will practically implement the boycott of applications (and, thus, admissions) to UF within the states and across the pond. Every core member of our global team is prepared to provide you with the material needed to transition from our online initiative to community-based campaigns.

Please contact us privately at for materials and information.

While we continue to intercede with their benefactors and alumni networks, we must begin to impact their tuition revenue as well.

Together, working as a cohesive coordinated unit, we will win liberation for the monkeys. Until we smash this first brick out of the wall of their complex, it is imperative that we all stay focused and continue to steadily escalate the pressure.

Animal liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits.

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  1. Beverley Berlin Mas says:

    I am an Academic Counselor at a state college and abhor the inhumanity of your testing. Please stop immediately. Many of us are willing to march to Washington, D.C. against this — and, of course, there is the ability to do much more!

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