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Negotiation is Over - Florida

We are confident that, working together as a coordinated international community, we can force the University of Florida to shut down their primate experimentation program. Animal torture is entrenched at almost every university worldwide. We can set the precedent at UF and, in the process, begin to take a sledgehammer to the University Vivisection Complex.


The University of Florida fought for 14 months to keep the atrocities to which they subject monkeys secret. On December 30, 2011 activists in Florida won a lawsuit and are making their horrific experiments public.

Now we are calling for students worldwide to boycott applying to this institution.

In conjunction with a creative and aggressive grassroots campaign being waged by our comrades on the ground in Florida, we are calling for an international boycott of applications to the University of Florida.

NIO Florida has released three sets of records so far:

*One documents the harrowing ordeal of one Capuchin monkey who was kidnapped from his home in the jungles of Guyana, was terrorized for 17 years in their underground prisons, and finally died in 2009 as his tormenters tried to subdue him for the last time.

*Another documents the short life of a macaque purchased from Alpha Genesis. This monkey, Louis, lived in his cage with a broken hip — his leg was detached from his hip — and received no pain relief whatsoever. He was in so much agony that he suffered from chronic anorexia and vomiting until they murdered him after two years because “he could not be used.”

*Records have been revealed documenting five monkeys that were forcefed toxic dirt gathered from five waste sites around Florida.

*Records will be published shortly documenting monkeys that were poisoned, blinded, and tormented in unspeakable and unconscionable ways for the durations of their lives. Some died after months, some decades. Many are still enduring their despicable and torturous imprisonments.

All records are being maintained and are available for public inspection HERE.

Please sign our Boycott the University of Florida petition HERE. (if you experience difficulty accessing the url, it is a technical issue that will be resolved momentarily)

*Please note: any technical difficulty encountered accessing the petition will be resolved within 24 hours.

3 Responses

  1. How people can do that and be able to live their life normaly. I guess they are doing it the same way Germany was doing it to hte Jew during the second world war. Bravo America the queen of hypocrisie!!!!

  2. Gia Campola says:

    they say “the ends justify the means”. My years of research into vivisection has taught me that the “ends” are a very small and rarely beneficial result. Johns Hopkins is dedicating mcuh time into non animal alternatives because it has been realized that there are too many physiological differences between humans and other animals. Regardless, the ends NEVER justify the means when torture and suffering are involved. We should never benefit – thru fashion, entertainment, food or medicine from a helpless creature’s suffering

  3. Martha Berti says:

    It is NOT acceptable in any circunstance. Any circunstance! Nobody will ever convince me that this is acceptable. Not in my name! University of Florida: you have tarnished your name.

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