Attn PA Activists: Weak Link in UF/Liberty’s Vivisection Industry Identified

Negotiation is Over - Florida

liberty research

Site Map of Liberty Research Inc in Waverly, New York

Street Address Needs to be Identified by Local Activists

Liberty Research, Inc.
PO Box 107
Waverly, NY 14892
Phone: (607) 565-8131
Fax: (607) 565-7420

Diane Harrison
Sales & Customer Service
(607) 565-8131

Beth Reagan
Research Marketing
(607) 565-8131

Deb Northrup
Business Office
(607) 565-8131

Mike Garrison
General Manager/IACUC
(607) 565-8131

As we previously reported, Liberty breeds dogs and cats to be sold into vivisection labs. Many of these condemned felines have met the most horrific and brutal deaths imaginable inside the University of Florida. We now have verified information about some of their independent drivers who are solely responsible for driving these animals to their deaths.

On November 15, join the global campaign to bring our message directly to the doorsteps of the vivisectors and those complicit in the death trade. While any of the people identified in this post would make prime candidates for a visit, we would love to see the driver who lives in Athens, PA held accountable. Anyone in this area willing to undertake an action on this day is encouraged to write to for the name, address, and phone number of the mercenary in question.

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  1. K. T. says:

    I feel sick…I looked at their website and I just can’t believe people raise dogs and cats like this for torture…

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